Colorado Governor Jared Polis Faces Severe Backlash for Sharing 'Feliz Navidad' Rendition Amid Surging Migrant Crisis [WATCH]

Polis, elected in 2018, has faced increasing criticism from Coloradans regarding his handling of the migrant crisis.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis is facing severe backlash for his "Feliz Navidad" holiday message, particularly as the state grapples with resource challenges amid a massive immigration crisis. The controversy arose just days after Denver received 16 busloads of migrants.

Polis, 48, was seen dancing joyfully while delivering an a cappella rendition of Puerto Rican singer-songwriter José Feliciano's hit 1970 song on Monday. The lawmaker shared the video on his official Spanish X account with his social media followers. However, the cringeworthy clip faced criticism from some viewers, who later shared it across his multiple official platforms. The video has since gone viral on social media and the backlash hasn't stopped.

In the Line of Fire

Jared Polis
Jared Polis seen rendering the 'Feliz Navidad' in the video he shared with his followers X

"As cringe as this is, it doesn't begin to compare to the damage you've done to this state," one X user wrote under the governor's posts.

"This is one of the worst things I have seen all year. Who walked into your office and said that this was a good idea...?," another user wrote blassing Polis.

A third user wrote: "Even the Latinxs are cringing."

Some people went as far as insinuating that Polis was "pandering" to the expanding Latino community in the state with his holiday message. "This is ridiculous and you look as uncomfortable doing it as I did watching it. What was the real purpose of this?" one user wrote in the comment section in Spanish.

"Because if I were of Latin descent, I would make fun of you instead of thinking, 'Oh yeah, I'm going to vote for that guy.'"

"It's cultural appropriation to pander in this manner," another commented.

Jared Polis
Jared Polis has faced severe criticism for sharing the video amid ongoing migrant crisis X

Polis' questionable dance moves and off-pitch singing come amid a significant influx of migrants in Denver.

At least 340 migrants were reportedly dropped off in the city in less than 24 hours between Thursday night and Friday morning, many of them arriving from Texas after traveling from Venezuela, Colombia, and Guatemala.

Following the mass drop-off, over 3,800 migrants are currently housed in various shelters around the city, putting a strain on Denver's resources.

The situation has sparked concerns about the state's capacity to handle the growing number of migrants being relocated to Denver.

Jared Polis
Jared Polis seen in the cringeworthy video X

"We can run out of room," Jon Ewing, a Denver Human Services spokesman, told the outlet.

"We can run out of resources. We are already limited as it is. It strains an already strained system even further."

Migrant Crisis Deepens

As shelters scurry to find space, the city is actively engaged in efforts to find employment opportunities for the migrants. There is a concerted effort to prevent them from ending up on the streets, especially considering that many arrived with children.

Migrant crisis
Colorado governor Jared Polis has faced severe criticism for the surge in migrant crisis X

This reflects the ongoing challenges in managing the increased influx of migrants and addressing their immediate needs, including housing and employment.

"We know that everything is much more difficult with a child," Ewing told the outlet.

"This is why we have given families more time. We don't want children on the streets. We don't want anyone on the streets."

The growing population of migrants inundating Colorado's shelters and streets is starting to strain community resources and resilience.

The small town of Carbondale, located 170 miles west of Denver, is grappling with an influx of over 120 Venezuelan migrants seeking refuge. Mayor Ben Bohmfalk showed concerns, saying he didn't want the town to become a "destination for people."

Polis, elected in 2018, has faced increasing criticism from Coloradans regarding his handling of the migrant crisis. In January, Polis mentioned that Colorado was collaborating with nonprofits to assist migrants in reaching their final destination, often New York or Chicago, emphasizing that many were just passing through the state.

Migrant crisis
Colorado has seen a massive surge in migrants lately X

Denver is approximately 700 miles north of El Paso on Interstate 25.

The border city has been grappling with a significant surge in migrants since 2021.

In response to migrants riding freight trains through Mexico and disembarking just before entering the US, the US Customs and Border Patrol took action by suspending cross-border rail traffic in the Texas cities of Eagle Pass and El Paso on December 19.

Troy Miller, the acting commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection, described the number of daily arrivals as "unprecedented." He noted that on some days in December, illegal crossings exceeded 10,000, indicating a significant and challenging situation at the border.