FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show a Muslim Immigrant Urinating on Pork in a Dutch Supermarket?

The people in the videos are filmed from behind, and there is no evidence provided to confirm whether they are genuinely urinating or if they are Muslim immigrants.

A video has gone viral on social media that allegedly shows a Muslim migrant urinating on pork at a Dutch supermarket. The video was allegedly filmed by a bystander or cohort, who can also be heard speaking Dutch. The video has since been reposted on social media platforms including TikTok and Twitter.

However, the truth is that the video is staged and completely fake although many have started believing that the incident happened in a Dutch supermarket. It was a prank video and most users failed to understand it. There is no evidence that the man in the video is a Muslim immigrant, much less that he is actually urinating.

Origin of the Video

Fake video
The staged video shows a man allegedly urinating on pork X

On Monday, December 17, Paul Golding, leader of the far-right Britain First group, shared a video on X, claiming it showed a Muslim migrant urinating on pork in a Dutch supermarket while facing away from the camera.

Golding's caption was accompanied by an angry-face emoji stating, "Muslim immigrant in Holland urinates on the pork section of the supermarket as another films, saying 'we don't eat pork.'"

In the video, another man who seemed to be recording could be heard speaking Dutch. When translated to English, the man's words conveyed, "Bro, you are radical, just because he doesn't want to eat pig. Wow. We don't eat pork. We don't eat pork."

Within a few hours of Golding sharing his post, the same video was reposted by Geert Wilders, a far-right lawmaker whose party achieved success in the November Dutch general election, as reported by The Associated Press.

Wilders did not use the same caption as Golding. Wilders' repost originated from a post on the Dutch video platform Dumpert that preceded Golding's post.

The Dumpert post had a Dutch caption, which, when translated to English, read: "Young pisses on pork in the Albert Heijn."

The caption from Dumpert did not specify that the man in the video was a Muslim migrant, and it did not provide additional context.

The Truth

The original posting of the video took place on TikTok by the user @buurtwachtt on December 14. Golding's post came three days later and since has gone viral. However, the video is completely fake.

Fake video
Geert Wilders reposted the fake video X

The video was staged and uploaded by a TikTok creator who specializes in prank videos. In various clips, the individual, dressed identically, simulates urinating in inappropriate locations as part of their prank content.

It's essential to note that the videos, including the one in the supermarket, appear to be staged pranks and do not necessarily depict real or representative encounters with Muslim immigrants.

The people in the videos are filmed from behind, and there is no evidence provided to confirm whether they are genuinely urinating or if they are Muslim immigrants.

Also, the consistent appearance of the same man wearing a navy blue vest over a gray hoodie in multiple videos suggests a pattern of staged scenarios rather than authentic situations.

Moreover, the absence of visible urine in the video, coupled with the fact that the man's back was turned to the camera, adds to the indication that the scenario is likely staged and not a genuine act of urination.

Also, one social media user pointed out an apparent sound effect resembling liquid hitting liquid, similar to urine entering a toilet, supporting the notion that the video is intended as a joke or prank.

A comment under the TikTok video, stating, "Dudes, it's a joke. It's a sound," aligns with the idea that the content is not a depiction of a real incident but rather a staged and humorous creation.

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