CM Punk takes a dig at WWE's attendance

CM Punk might have associated with WWE Backstage, but it has not stopped him from expressing his frank views. It is evident after he pocked fun at the WWE's latest attendance.

A Picture
According to Sportskeeda, CM Punk, on his Instagram account, shared a picture which showcased a still from a Smackdown live. In the snap, he is lying in the ring, even as the audience are moving out of the auditorium after the show is over.

CM Punk
CM Punk. WWE

The message is simple. CM Punk is apparently conveying that he stayed still till the arena becomes empty. The caption for the picture read, "Would have to wait a lot less now." It means that he would not have to stay still for longer if he was playing the match now.

CM Punk's Instagram Post
A screen shot of CM Punk's Instagram post. PR Handout

He is indirectly referring to the low turnout of the audience.

CM Punk ended his 10-year association in 2014. He cited health issues and was not happy with the way he was handled by the company.

Punk's New Role
To everyone's surprise, CM Punk took up the role of WWE Analyst on FS1 towards the end of 2019. He has made two appearances, so far, and his debut saw a spike in viewership.

Since then, the rumours and talks of CM Punk returning to WWE ring started. However, he has clearly stated that his contract is with the channel and not WWE. Meanwhile, he would be returning to the Backstage on 21 January.

"I'll be there on the 21st so you can report on the dumb shit I say. [sic]" he tweeted.