CM Punk on current wrestling: It's wild. There's a lot of it

CM Punk, who is currently working as an analyst in WWE Backstage, has spoken about the current scenario in the sports entertainment. He has explained his stand using an analogy to baseball.

He was speaking on the Kevin In The Morning With Allie & Jensen show when the host asked to share his views on the current situation in the professional wrestling today. "It's wild. There's a lot of it. There's so much wrasslin'," WWE Inc quotes him as saying.

CM Punk
CM Punk. WWE

The Straight Edge Superstar believes that current pro wrestling does not suit him. "So I'm like the old grizzled hitting coach that a new baseball team hires, and I come in like, 'oh man. These guys don't even know how to swing a bat. What are they doing? You don't need batting gloves and the elbow guard. Come on. Let's get back to basics. What are you all doing?' I understand. It's not for me. It's not my generation," he said.

CM Punk claims that the present situation is a different game, while admitting that there is good and bad to it.

The Voice of the Voiceless was associated with WWE for 10 years, before he walked out of the show allegedly complaining about the way the company was handling the health issues of the talents. He was also upset for not making it to main events at WrestleManias.

Five years after staying away from the business, CM Punk took up the role of WWE analyst on FS2. It has to be noted that he has his contract with the channel and not with WWE.

In the same interview, CM Punk was reminded about Keith Lee thanking him after the former had chosen the latter to win Royal Rumble 2020. Speaking about it, the Second City Saint claimed that he does not know Keith Lee, personally, apart from his association with PWG.

"Having watched what he did at Survivor Series, my thing's like, why did he go back to NXT? "He was a guy that they gave this rub to at Survivor Series, and I'm like just keep it going," CM Punk ends.