Clarissa Ward: CNN TV Reporter Switches from Western Outfit to Burqa as She Fears for Life after Taliban Takes over Afghanistan

On Sunday, Ward sported a red scarf and blue top, with her arms uncovered but on Monday she was seen on camera dressed in an Islamic veil worn generally by Shiite women.

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CNN reporter Clarissa Ward who drew criticism for saying Afghanistan protesters "seem friendly" despite chanting "death to America" and asking her to stand aside because she is a woman, changed from color clothing to an Islamic veil hours after Taliban took over control of the country. Ward earlier would regularly be seen reporting in colored clothing and exposing her arms.

However, less than 24 hours after the Taliban stormed into Kabul, she was seen reporting from ground zero in a veil and hijab. And she did all these because she feared for her life in the worn-torn country.

Change of Attire

Clarissa Ward
Clarissa Ward Twitter

On Sunday, Ward sported a red scarf and blue top, with her arms uncovered as she reported live from the war-torn country. A day later she decided to give her attire a thought as she feared for her life. Since Monday, she gave her wardrobe a makeover and was seen on camera dressed in a burqa, worn generally by Shiite women.

Ward's arms were completely covered, with just part of her face showing as she reported from the streets of Kabul. This comes amid report that a woman has been sentenced to be stoned to death in Samangan for not following the Islamic rules and wearing western outfit.

That said, while in an Islamic veil, Ward continued her reporting wherein she said on Monday that the Taliban soldiers were "friendly." "They're just chanting death to America, but they seem friendly at the same time," Clarissa Ward said while wearing a burka in a clip posted to Twitter.

Following her tweet, Ward immediately drew flak from Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz retweeted the video and wrote: "Is there an enemy of America for whom CNN WON'T cheerlead? (In mandatory burkas, no less)."

Living in Fear

Understandably, ward's decision to change her attire was out of fear of her life. Also, as Ward was trying to do her job, she said: "They just told me to stand to the side because I'm a woman." Only a day earlier, Alexi Kudej pointed out on Twitter, she was reporting from the city without a head covering.

Her change in style comes after a stunningly swift end to Afghanistan's 20-year war, as thousands of people mobbed the city's airport trying to flee the group's feared hardline brand of Islamist rule.

Women and girls are believed to be some of the most at-risk under the new Taliban regime. And there have already been reports throughout their advance of women being shot dead and girls as young as 12 being dragged from their homes to be "married".

Afghans pouring into Kabul as refugees and fleeing the militants, told stories of how commanders demanded they turn over women and girls to become their "wives" and be raped. They also told of how civilians and captured soldiers were murdered by the jihadis, reported the Wall Street Journal.

Taliban officials have denied the group is enforcing sexual slavery — and claims that such actions are against the rules of Islam.