Church Investigating Mysterious Incident of Virgin Mary 'Weeping Blood'

Many adamant Christian believers claim that Virgin Mary's blood tears is actually indicating something dangerous that is going to happen in the world

A mysterious incident that happened in Paolino Arnesano Square in Carmiano is now the hottest debating point among Christian believers and scientific experts.

It all happened when several photos that showed Virgin Mary weeping blood surfaced online. The images soon went viral, and believers soon started claiming that something bad is going to happen in the coming months.

Virgin Mary Weeps

Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary weeping in Italy Andrea Vivi Citta

The bizarre incident was initially spotted by a boy who was riding on his bike past the Paolino Arnesano Square in Carmiano. As the photos went viral, several people paid their visit to Carmiano to see the magical Virgin Mary statue that apparently conveyed a message to humanity. Church officials revealed that the statue was erected 76 years ago on September 03, 1943.

Riccardo Calabrese, priest of the Sant'Antonio Abate Church revealed that he is still unsure whether this bizarre incident is the result of any miracle. "All the time I was next to the statue, I saw a procession of people who, out of curiosity or faith, left their homes to gather there. I saw children, teenagers, adults, and elderly people meeting at our beloved Virgin Mary statue, and they all looked up at her face," said Calabrese, as quoted by The Sun. According to the latest updates, the church is currently investigating this event.

However, experts believe that the weather has played a crucial role in this phenomenon. According to Journalist Andrea Tafuro, the alleged incident happened on a day when the temperature had exceeded 40 degrees Celsius.

Christian Believers Up in Arms

In the meantime, a section of Christian conspiracy theorists has outlandishly started claiming that these are all signs from heaven. According to these conspiracy theorists, the recent events that happen all across the world are actually fulfilling Biblical prophecies, and they believe that the world end is imminent.

A few days back, popular Christian preacher pastor Begley had claimed that humans are going through the end times. He also added that the world will soon witness the rise of Antichrist, and predicted that this evil entity could be most probably a world leader.

Un nuovo rivolo lacrimale, sempre dallo stesso occhio, poco fa secondo i fedeli presenti ha segnato nuovamente il volto della Madonnina in piazza Paolino Arnesano.

Posted by Andrea Vivi Citta on Tuesday, 4 August 2020