Christine Tran Ferguson: NYC Travel Influencer Shares Heartbreaking News of Her 15-Month-Old Son Asher's Death

Tran Ferguson explained how deeply she feels his absence in their home, a haunting reminder of the precious little boy they have lost.

New York City influencer Christine Tran Ferguson revealed that her one-year-old son, Asher, has died, just two weeks after she had shared with her followers that he was "fighting for his life" in hospital. The 37-year-old travel blogger shared the heartbreaking news on Thursday on her Instagram, while paying tribute to her one-year-old son, Asher.

Tran Ferguson shared Asher with her husband Ryan Ferguson. Although Tran Ferguson did not share details about her son's death, she was open about her unrelenting sadness in the wake of the tragedy.

Bereaved Mother

Christine Tran Ferguson
Christine Tran Ferguson with her son Asher Instagram

Tran Ferguson wrote a lengthy Instagram post detailing the pain of losing her only child. "My heart is utterly broken and shattered into a million pieces," she wrote in a post on Thursday.

"I will never understand why, nothing makes sense, I'm still in shock, I just want to wake up from this unimaginable nightmare and have you back in my arms. Why is this happening to us, why Asher??" the grieving mom wrote.

"You did not deserve any of this. Losing you is the hardest experience mommy and daddy has ever had to endure. Everyday has been torture without you, this pain is unbearable," the travel and lifestyle blogger continued.

Christine Tran Ferguson
Christine Tran Ferguson with Asher Instagram

"I still feel like you're going to reappear but our home is so quiet and empty without you. Part of me has died with you. I'm so heartbroken, with no idea how to live a life without you."

Tran Ferguson explained how deeply she feels his absence in their home, a haunting reminder of the precious little boy they have lost.

"I can't stop seeing your big smile everywhere I go, I hear your laugh and babbles all day and it just breaks my heart you're physically not here,' she said. 'Your room is empty, your stuff untouched. There's no pain that can ever compare to losing a child & I can't believe it happened to us."

In the conclusion, Tran Ferguson said that they are still unsure about the cause of Asher's death.

"I just ask for privacy during this difficult time as we're still in shock and still have no answers to this unbearable nightmare," she wrote.

Gone too Soon

Ferguson, who goes by the e-mail address @tourdelust, revealed in early July that her infant son was in intensive care and "fighting for his life."

She initially shared the news via an Instagram post, writing: "Please God, give us a miracle and save my sweet Asher," accompanied by a carousel of photos, including one of him in the hospital.

Ferguson has over 512,000 followers on Instagram, and more than 274,000 on TikTok. She is the creator of the well-known website Tour de Lust, where she discusses her travel experiences and offers advice.

Christine Tran Ferguson
Christine Tran Ferguson with her son Instagram

Ferguson gave birth to her son on April 20, 2022, and shared a poignant account of her son's traumatic birth in an emotional post. According to her explanation, Asher was born through an unplanned C-section.

The decision for the C-section was made due to the distressing situation of Asher's heart rate continuously dropping during her labor. This challenging experience during childbirth likely added to the emotional bond she had with her son throughout his short life.

Christine Tran Ferguson
Christine Tran Ferguson with her husband and son Instagram

"The doctor told us he had the cord around his neck so when the contractions happened it would tighten around his neck which led to his heart rate dropping," Ferguson wrote in the caption. "I'm just so glad our amazing doctors delivered him safely."

"It was awhile before I got to finally hold him once I was in the recovery room. I couldn't believe it, he's FINALLY HERE in my arms! I feel so blessed and lucky to be your mother and understand what everyone has told me. There is no love like this."