China denies its role in creating and transmitting Coronavirus

The city of Wuhan in the Hubei province reported the first outbreak in the month of December, last year

Strongly objecting to the rumours behind China creating and transmitting the fatal Coronavirus globally, Chinese authorities clarified that they have neither created the coronavirus nor intentionally transmitted it globally.

Opposing to the usage of terms like 'Chinese virus' and 'Wuhan virus' while talking about COVID-19 and terming the practice incorrect and racist, Ji Rong, Chinese Embassy's spokesperson in India said that the world should rather focus on containing the pandemic rather than playing blame game. The novel coronavirus, declared as a pandemic by World health Organisation, has claimed over 21,000 lives and infected more than 400,000 people globally.

Chinese people made huge sacrifices in safeguarding the health of mankind

Coronavirus update: 26 March
John Hopkins University

Recently US President Donald Trump received flak for calling the virus Chinese Virus in his tweet. "Those people who are trying to stigmatise China's efforts have ignored the huge sacrifices the Chinese people made in safeguarding the health and safety of all mankind," Ji said highlighting the fact that WHO called in COVID-19 to avoid stigmatisation of a particular country, area, or people.

According to NDTV, Ji, while highlighting that Wuhan city in China being the first to 'report the outbreak', said that there is 'no evidence that China is the source of the virus that caused COVID-19.' "China has neither created the virus nor intentionally transmitted it. The so-called 'Chinese virus' is absolutely wrong," he added.

Lawsuit filed against China for hiding information about outbreak

Seeking damages worth billions of dollars towards lost income and profits, a group of businesses has filed a lawsuit against Chinese government alleging that they hid information about coronavirus outbreak. The case was file in the US District Court in Nevada and includes the owners of restaurant, flower shop, real estate and a CPR training firm.

Represented by attorney Robert Eglet, the case seeks class-action status for 32 million businesses. "The five are representative of tens of millions of other businesses that could become plaintiffs because they have also suffered economically whose damages could end up in the trillions of dollars, said Eglet.

According to US News, Eglet said: "China's government should have shared more information about the virus but intimidated doctors, scientists, journalists and lawyers while allowing the COVID-19 respiratory illness to spread. They engaged in falsehoods, misinformation, cover-ups and destruction of evidence."

"China's government was reckless and negligent as the virus spread. If they had been transparent with the world this could have been stopped in Wuhan. The world could have come together and gotten the right scientists to Wuhan and stopped it right there," he added further.

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