Spain's deputy Prime Minister tests positive for Coronavirus

Spain took over China in terms of death toll

Deputy Prime Minister of Spain Carmen Calvo has been tested positive for coronavirus, Spanish government announced on Wednesday. There were three tests conducted out of which Calvo tested negative in the first test and tested positive in the other two. Carmel Calvo is doing well and getting medical treatment, said the statement.

This is not the first case of minister getting diagnosed for coronavirus in Spain. Minister of equality and minister of regional affairs were also tested positive earlier and are in good health said the government. On March 14, Spanish government announced that Prime Minister's wife Begona Gomez also have been tested positive.

Spain Situation

Deputy Prime Minister of Spain
Carmen Calvo twitter/@carmencalvo_

Spain has been locked down since March 14 to contain the spread of coronavirus. The country has been under lockdown since 12 days as the Prime Minister is seeking to continue the lockdown till April 11. It became Europe's second worst affected country after Italy and world's fourth most affected country after United States in terms of number of cases.

Spain recently took over China and became second worst affected nation after Italy in terms of deaths. There has been more than 49,500 cases confirmed and death toll reached up to 3,647 due to COVID-19 disease in the country so far.

Situation throughout the world

Coronavirus update: 26 March
John Hopkins University

Italy tops the list of deaths at 7,503. Italy recorded highest increase in number of deaths on Wednesday with 683 people dying within 24 hours. United States is another major concern since the country is facing rising number of citizens getting diagnosed. It is being said that United States has the highest number of active patients throughout the world.

South Korea was second worst affected country when pandemic broke after China. The country managed to control by standing on ninth place with 9,137 cases confirmed and 131 deaths. Coronavirus affected more than 170 countries and surpassed 21,000 deaths with more than 471,000 cases confirmed throughout the world. So far, more around 115,000 have been recovered from the virus.

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