Chilling Bodycam Footage Captures Hamas Terrorists Killing Israeli Civilians Before Gunman Shooting the Video Is Shot Dead [GRAPHIC]

In the last clip, a terrorist is wounded, falling to the ground and offering prayers as he seems to succumb to his injuries.

In a grim and unsettling reflection of violent shooter video games, disturbing footage has emerged featuring Hamas gunmen fatally shooting innocent victims. The footage is from head cameras worn by dead terrorists armed with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. These graphic videos show attackers invading homes and ruthlessly killing anyone they see.

In one footage, a gun is pointed at a bungalow's window. An older man who appears to be puzzled approaches the scene. He is executed. In another video, shooters are seen moving from house to house looking for families hiding inside. One fires his assault rifle after spotting a silhouette in a building. We observe a body falling.

Disturbing Videos of Murders

Hamas terrorists
A Hamas terrorist seen in the residential area before he was shot dead X

On a clear and sunny day, armed groups move from house to house. In one video, a terrorist sees an ambulance and cynically shoots its tires to ensure it cannot save lives. In the last clip, a terrorist is wounded, falling to the ground and offering prayers as he seems to succumb to his injuries.

The videos depicted the Hamas militants getting ready for their horrifying mission within Gaza's homes, embarking on their journey at dawn in a lineup of motorcycles and pickup trucks.

A particularly unsettling aspect of the 'head-cam' videos is the footage captured before the assault.

The videos expose Hamas leaders instructing young boys to become future militants. The youthful boys, some as young as ten, are shown holding rifles.

The Israeli Telegram channel South First Responders, which released the videos, said, "Many of the body cameras and video equipment found on the bodies of dead terrorists also contained footage from before the attack... evidence of cynical indoctrination of Palestinian children in what appear to be some sort of military-style training camps."

IDF Releases Shocking Video

Hamas terrorists
Hamas terrorists seen shooting innocent Israeli citizens X

This came as the Israel Defense Forces shared a video recorded from the viewpoint of a Hamas gunman who infiltrated the Israeli border and attacked the homes of innocent civilians, prior to being neutralized by Israeli security forces.

The IDF uploaded a three-minute video, seemingly recorded from the militant's body-worn camera, on X platform last Sunday, accompanied by a trigger warning.

"RAW FOOTAGE: Hamas jihadists squad invasion and killing spree of an innocent Israeli community," the Israeli military captioned the video. "The filmed terrorist was neutralized by Israeli security forces."

The video shows heavily armed Hamas terrorists riding motorized bikes through a breached section of the border fence that divides Gaza and southern Israel.

As they pass a security booth with a gunshot hole in its window, the militants open fire. They then proceed to a residential area where they shoot into the homes of civilians, as depicted in the footage.

The Hamas gunman filming the attack, fires at a silhouette moving within a home through the screen door of the building. The edited video also captures the gunman shooting a bullet that punctures the tire of an ambulance parked nearby.

The terrorists then pass by a children's playground while reloading and firing into family homes. Upon breaking into a home where music is playing and personal belongings are scattered, they search for inhabitants.

The video, seemingly condensed and assembled, concludes with the Hamas fighters outside amidst the sounds of gunfire. One of the filming terrorists is hit by a gunshot, cries out in pain, and falls to the ground.

In the clip, additional gunshots can be heard as the man cries and reportedly utters "I bear witness that there is no God but Allah" in Arabic. The camera then points upward toward a blue sky.

The IDF did not specify the filming date, but it is believed to have taken place during Hamas' brutal assault on an Israeli kibbutz where the terrorists tragically killed entire families, including women and young children, on October 7.