Israeli Forces Rescue 250 Hostages, Eliminate 60 Hamas Terrorists

The elite Flotilla 13 unit of the IDF was involved in the risky operation.

Amid the intense fight between Israeli forces Hamas post the attack of Palestinian terror group attacked and took several people as hostage, the safety of them has become a major cause of concern, while the Israeli forces are mounting efforts to bring these hostages back safely.

In a successful operation led by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on October 7, more than 250 hostages were saved, and 60 Hamas terrorists were stopped. This happened on the same day when Hamas launched a major attack on Israel.


According to the IDF, Hamas had been holding more than 250 people as hostages near the Gaza security fence. To regain control over the Sufa military post, the elite Flotilla 13 unit of the IDF was sent to the area near the Gaza security fence.

The soldiers managed to rescue around 250 hostages safely. They also took care of more than 60 Hamas terrorists, and 26 of them were captured. This included Muhammad Abu A'ali, who was the Deputy Commander of the Hamas southern Naval Division.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been getting worse over the last seven days. Israel has asked the people living in Gaza to move to safer places. The IDF has reported that Hamas fighters are hiding in tunnels under houses and buildings in Gaza City.

The IDF urged the civilians of Gaza City to go south for their own safety and the safety of their families. They also asked people to stay away from Hamas fighters who are using them as shield. The IDF assured that in the coming days, they will continue their operations in Gaza City besides avoiding any injury to innocent civilians in the process.

Call to Hold Gaza Raids

Meanwhile, families of staff of international organizations shelter at a UN center urged Israel on Friday to hold off on plans for an all-out assault on northern Gaza, where more than a million civilians largely defied its order to evacuate before it goes after Hamas militants.

While some heeded the Israeli call to leave, by Friday afternoon there was little sign of a mass exodus, reported Reuters. "Death is better than leaving," said Mohammad, 20, standing in the street outside a building reduced to rubble in an Israeli air strike two days ago near the centre of Gaza.

With power supplies cut, food and water shortage looming large, the Palestinian enclave is running short of essentials after retaliatory air strikes and a full Israeli blockade of Gaza was announced a week ago.