Bronx Man in Bra and Panties Kills Grindr Date with Machete; Cops Find Him Standing over Naked Body

Juan Alonso, the alleged killer, was found in his room with a machete in his hand standing over the dead man, who was completely naked.

A Grindr date ended up in a gory murder in Bronx on Sunday after an altercation over sex acts led to a man wearing bra, panties and dress hacking to death the man he met via the dating app. The man dressed in women's lingerie was carrying a machete, with which he stabbed the other man, authorities said.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) was informed after one of the roommates of Juan Alonso, the alleged killer, found him in the room with a machete in his hand standing over the dead man, who was completely naked, police said. Police are investigating the actual motive behind the matter and are trying to ascertain if the dispute started because of any sexual act between the two.

Strange Obsession

Stabbing (Representational image)
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According to initial investigation, Alonso met the victim on Grindr, a popular meeting place for gay men. The two exchanged words for a few days and then decided to hook up. However, things went wrong after they met. Officers from NYPD believe that the killer and the victim were meeting for the first time.

The meeting was set up in Alonso's room but some dispute started after that, following which the victim was stabbed and hacked to death with a machete. Police were called to 315 E. 206th Street around 7 pm on Sunday after Alonso's roommate came home to find him holding the machete while standing over the dead man with blood all around his body. When police reached the scene, they found the victim completely naked, according to cops.

Gory Murder Leaves Police Puzzled

Man stabbed
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Police have arrested Alonso but are yet to ascertain the reason behind the murder. He was arrested without any incident but is yet to completely cooperate with the investigators. Police said that after his arrest he was psychologically evaluated and charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.

However, police still remain baffled as to why he killed the victim so brutally. Moreover, Alonso wearing bra, panties and dress hint at a possible dispute over sex. Officials are investigating whether there was a "dispute over not liking certain sex activities and it escalated," a police spokesman said.

The identity of the victim and his whereabouts haven't been released yet as investigation is still on. There could also be a possible substance abuse angle to the murder. "The perp is not in his right mind," a police source said. "He might have taken drugs."

In June, a similar incident happened wherein a Michigan man kidnapped, assaulted, murdered and mutilated the body of another man he met on Grindr. The alleged killer Mark Latunski was also accused of cannibalism.