CES auto update: Chrysler Portal concept, ultimate millennial that makes others mere dingbats strutting street

Chrysler claims that it has put 20 years of research into the car and cracked the code of what exactly millennials want their car to do.

What should be a dream car for a millennial? If you ask any millennial, the person would probably smugly reply that it should ideally be able to serve you an ice-cream, sing along in a road trip, pout when taking a selfie and more importantly prevent you from calling your ex when really drunk. I really don't know what Bond is driving these days but very honestly I want my car to do all that along with being sheer awesome. So it's a present surprise when I wake up all groggy in 2017 and see a car company managing to do it right.

chrysler car

Chrysler unveiled its Portal concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and immediately earned itself some solid street credentials from the millennial bunch with the promises this car has in store for them. The firm claims that it has put 20 years of research into the car and cracked the code of what exactly millennials want their car to do and managing to do just that with the perfect balance high-tech gadgetry and incorporating a head-turning design.

So what sets this 'dream car' apart from all those mundane ding bats that honk and prod on the streets? Well for starters, there are sliding doors that open like a dream sans a pesky door pillar present like a sore thumb. So you get a lot of space instead of feeling all cramped in a metal box.

Now, comes the 'let's get hyped' part of the article. So what does the car offer to the millennial to go gaga about? This car can take a photo of everyone riding in all six seats and then send the image to your personal devices so it can be instagrammed, tweeted and Facebook-ed instantly. I don't know about you but #roadtrip #cool for me if I manage to get a sweet ride on this beauty.

selfie car

Hey, have you heard the new single that's breaking all the records or that video that needs to be absolutely seen? "Portal" lets you share songs and videos by infusing them in a single playlist for everyone to tune into and if you are not into the entire groupie groove the car's stereo gives you "zoned audio" that let's every passenger listen to different things without having to plug-in headphones.

Chrysler's "Portal" seems to totally get the fact that most fights in a car occur when there is one charging port and several passengers with devices out of juice. The car has ten gadget docks for the passengers to plug in and just cruise through. Tweets galore and always in sync with the virtual world- the millennial dream finally getting fulfilled by a dream car.

Global warming is scary and vehicular emission is ghastly, as a modern citizen of the world it is the duty of every millennial to play a part in making sure that we are not piling it up on our future generation. The Portal is all-electric beast which will clock 250 miles once it is fully juiced up. Like our mobile devices this care also comes with fast charging, and can go 150 miles with just 20 minutes of charging.

There are some obvious fringes, the tiny things that make the millennial life bearable like being fully customizable and the option to change the interior LED accent lighting to any color. You know, just the little things along with the ability to tinker around with the option to customize on how you like the seat, the position of the steering wheel on the gigantic digital dashboard and the internal surfaces doubling as flat screens and having internet throughout the journey. Ah! The little things of life, we cannot do without.

I am pretty sure by this time most of the people reading this article have gone on a daze and are daydreaming already about driving this car. As much as I hate to break the bubble, I am afraid I have to. "Portal" is a concept car and the chances of this coming to actual production are pretty slim but this will inspire the vehicles in the near future to up their game and make a car that a millennial can really boast about.