USB coffee warmer to cord organiser, simple techs to help you survive a day at work

There are files to be read and work to be done, the clock is ticking and you are close to just losing your mind over it.

Office desk

All work and no fun makes Jack, Jill, you and me a very dull person. Everybody stuck in the office needs a moment of respite or a little dash of happiness to survive a gruesome day at work. After all life can't all be about just staring at the laptop screen or going through meetings. Let's be honest, no matter how much we love our jobs, it does tend to be a little bit taxing. Here are a few bits of tech to help you survive a day in office or just have a little bit of fun while keeping things going smooth.

USB coffee warmer

USB coffee warmer

There are files to be read and work to be done, the clock is ticking and you are close to just losing your mind over it. You order a cup of coffee and while you were busy sorting things out, it went cold on you. Don't panic! Its okay, you will survive this. All you need is to get yourself an USB coffee warmer. Just connect the USB cord to your laptop or desktop and place the cup of coffee in the pad and watch all your troubles vanish away. Sip into the piping hot coffee and get back to work. After all you deserve it.

Charging dock and cord organizer

cord organizer

It's all so irritating! This is just plain irritating when you come to think about it. You have to get your phone charged up, power to your laptop, make sure that the power bank has enough juice while you are on your long journey home and things get all messy. The cords keep on hugging each other, jumbled and disorganized. You go huffing and puffing trying to get the cords out of this mess and it simply is getting on your nerves! Take a deep breath, get a cord organizer and just line them up once and you are done. Also get yourself a charging dock and just place your phone on it. No wires, no tangling just getting things done. Now that is sorted, more productivity is on its way.

Mini Fridge

mini fridge

We have talked about this, it's a cardinal sin to have your coffee cold but we simply can't let your milkshake or that bit of guilty pleasure in the form of a yogurt get warm. We deserve treats now and then for the hard-work we put in our office. Before you think it's impossible, let me assure you that USB powered mini fridges are doing rounds in the market and they are just what you need. Plug in and rest assured, it's all taken care of.

Digital Notebook

digital notebook

You have an idea and you want to scribble it, or you are taking small notes in a meeting. But how to get this all back to your computer for further use or does it translate to again copying arduously every bit in the screen till you doze off, killing precious time? No. This is not the way to go through with life or work. Just get yourself a digital notebook and scribble away. Whatever you do is going to be saved through the notebook's software in multiple platforms for future use. It is all sorted now and that next big fat promotion? It's yours for the taking.