Cast of Korean Remake of 'Money Heist' Finalized: Yoo Ji Tae to Play Professor; Complete Details

'Healer' actor Yoo Ji Tae will be seen as the The Professor in the drama 'The House of Paper' [Korean remake of 'Money Heist']. Here is the complete cast detail.

The long wait is over. Finally Netflix Korea has released the list of main cast for the remake of Spanish hit drama Money Heist. The entire cast will be led by Yoo Ji Tae of Healer fame, who will play the role of Sergio Marquina popular as The Professor. Kim Yoon Jin and Park Hae Soo are also part of the main cast list. Here are the complete details.

Tentative title of the Korean version of Money Heist is House of Paper, Netflix Korea announced. "Lineup for the drama House of Paper is complete. What do we do now? Just hold on to your hearts and wait," the streaming platform said. Are your favorite actors included in the main cast? Have a look at the list below.

Jeon Jong Soo Yoo Ji Tae
Jeon Jong Soo and Yoo Ji Tae have been cast as lead actors in the drama House of Paper, a Korean remake of Netflix series Money Heist. Instagram

House of Paper Main Cast

As told earlier, Yoo Ji Tae will play The Professor. He will be seen as the head of the crisis negotiation team of the National Police Agency. Korean-American actress Kim Yon Jin will play Sun Woo Jin [Lisbon's role], Park Hae Soo will play Berlin and Jeon Jong Soo will be seen as Tokyo. Apart from the four lead cast, Lee Won Jong will play the role of Moscow.

Park Myung Hoon, who is known for his performance in the movie Parasite, will play the role of Cho Young Min [Arturo Roman in original Money Heist]. Whereas Kim Sung Oh will be seen as Cha Moon Hyuk, an agent of Special Forces who is taken hostage. Kim Ji Hoon will play Denver.

Jang Yoon Ju will be seen in the role of Nairobi, and Lee Joo Bin will play the role of Yoon Min Sun [Stockholm]. Park Jung Woo will take on the role of Rio, Kim Ji Hoon will play the role of Helsinki, and Lee Kyu Ho will play the role of Oslo. Yoon Mi Seon will play the role of accounting employee, who has an affair with Jo Young Min.

The drama will be directed by Kim Hon Seon of LUCA fame and written by Ryu Young Jae of My Holo Love, Psychopath Diary fame. The first series is expected to have 12 episodes.

Netflix Korea is yet to announce the streaming details including the date. The Spanish version of Money Heist has already released four series and the fifth one is in the making. It is not known if Korean drama will also have five series. The original version has been airing since 2017. The drama is about a man who employs eight people from various fields to carry out the task of looting Royal Mint of Spain.

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