Cassia Mello: Brazilian OnlyFans Model Poses Bare-Bodied in Amazon to Raise Money for Rainforest

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Brazilian OnlyFans model Cassia Mello has been posing for semi-nude photos in the Amazon and plans to post them on the adult website as she plans to raise thousands of dollars for the rainforest. Mello, who is one of the contestants in the Miss BumBum best booty competition, says that he wants to sell her raunchy snaps in a bid to raise money that she will donate toward saving the Amazon rainforest that suffered a massive fire in 2019.

Mello, who is known for her having a plus size booty, is already practicing for poses and is confident that she will win the contest. The model is focused on environmental issues, so she has taken snaps within the jungle while wearing indigenous-themed clothing.

For a Noble Cause

Mello, who has more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, where she often posts her raunchy photos, claims that she will bare her body in a risqué photoshoot to raise $39,000 that she will donate toward saving the Amazon rainforest. She wants to raise this amount by selling those nudes on her OnlyFans page.

"Amazonia is the lung of the world, we need to preserve it. Help us to preserve the environment," Mello said. The stunning model, known for her huge booty, said that she is already practicing for those photos and is trying hard to win the contest.

Mellohas a 108cm butt and is the official representative of the state of Amazonas in the Miss BumBum Brazil beauty pageant. Mello also says that given her love for nature, she has already started taking photos snaps within the jungle wearing indigenous-themed clothing.

High on Confidence

The stunning model says that saving the Amazon rainforest from further destruction is her biggest goal and she wants to raise as much as she can for this. The 5.5 million square kilometer Amazon rainforest sits within Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and more South American countries.

And in order to win the Miss BumBum contest Mello is all focused. The annual competition will see 27 stunning beauties battling it out win the best butt in Brazil.

Mello this year will be competing with the likes of Playboy bunny, Vanusa Freitas, bank worker, Suzana Simonet, and human Ken doll turned Barbie, Jessica Alves. The finals are scheduled to take place in June after online voting opens to allow everyone to choose the 15 top girls to compete for the award.

Mello is also one of the most controversial candidates of the contest this year. The beauty was earlier alleged to have done surgery to enhance her butt but she denied those reports. In fact, she was also keen to show the X-ray of her butt to an ex-boyfriend to prove it's real.

Cassia Mello
Cassia Mello Instagram

"The X-ray of my butt that I sent to my boyfriend was used to apply for the contest and it worked," she had said. "I went to a clinic and got an X-ray. I took a copy and mailed it to my ex-boyfriend as a gift," she added.

This article was first published on March 18, 2021