Carrie Royale: Ex-Stripper Who Kissed Prince Harry on Las Vegas Night Out in 2012 Threatens to Leak His Photos in Revenge for Being Excluded from His Memoir

She further claimed that Harry sang 'Beat It' by Michael Jackson and used a glove to cover his private parts.

An ex-stripper, who claims she kissed Prince Harry during his wild partying days on a night out in Las Vegas, is now threatening to release nude pictures of him on OnlyFans as payback for being excluded from his memoir "Spare" and feeling misrepresented. Carrie Royale, 52, said that she shared a kiss with the prince.

The incident happened after when she was invited to join strippers and other guests in a room at the Wynn Hotel in 2012. Naked photos of the Duke of Sussex, who was 27 at the time, being hugged tightly by a scantily-clad woman were published in The Sun in 2012 after first being posted online.

Dirty Harry

Carrie Royale
Carrie Royale X

Carrie, a former stripper, has now told the newspaper that she has more nude pictures of Harry and has threatened to upload them on the paid section of her OnlyFans website. "I have some nice ­pictures of him in the buff," she said.

"These pictures have never been seen by the public. I have poolside pictures of before the night and shots of Harry in the buff. People will be shocked by them," she continued.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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"I'm a little angry about being whitewashed from his book. I mean . . . wow. He missed a lot of things from that night.

"I am surprised he remembers anyone's name because he was pretty intoxicated but he could have talked about the few things that happened between us, he missed that completely."

Carrie added that Harry exhibited a "crazy" and "spontaneous" side during their interactions, contrasting it with the current portrayal of him which reflects the "opposite side" of his previous self.

This comes after the former stripper auctioned a pair of black underpants, which she previously claimed were torn off by Prince Harry during the notorious Las Vegas strip incident in 2012.

Harry's Secrets Coming Out

Carrie maintains that she was present in the room when the Prince reportedly engaged in activities such as playing air guitar in the nude with a pool cue at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas Hotel in August 2012.

She further claimed that Harry sang 'Beat It' by Michael Jackson and used a glove to cover his private parts.

Carrie claimed that Prince Harry gave her the underpants as a memento as she was leaving the lively event in Las Vegas. This occurred during the infamous party where he was photographed partying naked and hugging another woman, capturing headlines across the world.

Carrie has previously said, "When he partied in Vegas, everyone loved him and his sense of fun. At least these pants are a reminder of what he used to be like... when Harry was the fun prince.

"It's a shame he's all po-faced and serious these days. Even as a married dad of two, he should still let his hair down now and again – what's left of it any way."

The revelations come shortly after Princess Kate's uncle, Gary Goldsmith, criticized Prince Harry, accusing him of betraying the royal family by throwing them "under the bus." Goldsmith defended his royal niece against allegations suggesting she was the "royal racist."

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