Geri Halliwell Didn't Want to Meet Christian Horner after Landing in Bahrain as It Is Revealed She Knew Female Employee Husband Was Messaging

The former Spice Girl, who married the Red Bull team principal in 2015, reportedly went "into meltdown" when she landed in the Gulf state on Thursday.

Geri Halliwell is holding discussions to address the leaked text messages of her husband, Christian Horner, and initially did not want to meet him in Bahrain but was persuaded to do so by his family, sources claim. This came as it was revealed that Halliwell knew of the female employee at the center of the texting scandal, The Sun reported.

Halliwell, 51, and her husband breathed a sigh of relief on Wednesday after Red Bull dismissed allegations of inappropriate behavior against Horner, made by a female employee. However, just a day later, flirtatious WhatsApp messages allegedly exchanged between Horner and the female complainant were leaked to 149 Formula 1 figures.

Relationship in Jeopardy

Geri Halliwell
Geri Halliwell X

The messages were leaked at a time when Halliwell was on a flight to join her 50-year-old husband ahead of the season opener in Bahrain this weekend.

The former Spice Girl, who married the Red Bull team principal in 2015, reportedly went "into meltdown" when she landed in the Gulf state on Thursday via a private jet after discovering that the controversial messages had been widely circulated on social media.

Christian Horner
Christian Horner X

Friends of Halliwell, who reportedly was aware of and supportive of the female employee working for her husband's team, expressed deep concern for her well-being. They told the Daily Mail that the singer appeared "fragile" during their recent encounters some weeks ago.

A source told The Mirror last night: "Geri has been locked in crisis talks with her team this week about how to manage all of this.' While Horner is said to have 'played down' the drama to his wife, 'she can't bear the fact it is now all out in the open."

According to the source, Halliwell, who has a seven-year-old son named Monty with Horner, is reportedly "feeling like a fool" in the wake of the leaked messages. "It has really taken its toll on her and she told pals this week she would not be in Bahrain," the source said.

Reports suggest that the singer was adamant not to meet her husband, but Horner's mother has been urging her to publicly support him as a display of solidarity.

Geri Halliwell
Geri Halliwell X

In stark contrast, sources indicate that Halliwell's own team is advising her to maintain distance, expressing concerns that her brand and reputation could be negatively affected.

The insider suggested that Halliwell is caught in a dilemma, torn between the contrasting perspectives of her husband's family urging support and her own team advising caution.

She Knew the Woman

According to The Sun, it has been revealed that Halliwell was aware of the female employee at the center of the texting controversy. A source from Red Bull said that Halliwell had even given her approval for the woman to work in Horner's team.

Christian Horner
Christian Horner with wife Geri Halliwell X

A source close to the Spice Girl told the newspaper that this situation is "humiliation on an international scale." "Of course, to leave Christian — and walk away from the blissful life they've built for themselves — would be the ultimate act of girl power," the source told the outlet.

"But as anyone with kids knows — not to mention a hinterland of love and connection — that is easier said than done."

Reports suggest that Halliwell has distanced herself from the Spice Girls, who were planning a reunion to discuss comeback tour dates. The girl band, excluding Victoria Beckham, had plans to celebrate their 30th anniversary with some shows this year, but sources now indicate that this is unlikely.

Besides, an F1 source has said that Red Bull employees are apprehensive about the possibility of more leaked messages emerging, which could overshadow world champion Max Verstappen's quest to win the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The unfolding drama is said to have raised doubts about the couple's marriage for the first time.

Christian Horner
Christian Horner with wife and former Spice Girls member Geri Halliwell X

As of now, Halliwell has not been spotted in the paddock since arriving in Bahrain, where Red Bull's Verstappen aimed to shift the focus away from Horner by securing pole position in qualifying.

Currently, Halliwell is planning to attend today's Grand Prix as a public display of solidarity.

The plan is for her to stand by Horner's side on the pre-race grid, alongside his key ally on the Red Bull board, Thai billionaire Chalerm Yoovidhya, who holds a 51 percent stake in the energy drinks company.