Cardi B Desperate To Perform 'WAP' Song Featuring Magan Thee Stallion, Kylie Jenner As It Tops UK Billboard

Rapper said she would love to perform her 'WAP' song featuring Megan Thee Stallion in concerts and festivals

Famous rapper Cardi B's Wap song has created a huge buzz among fans all over the world since the day of its release. The song has topped the charts in UK stealing the No 1 spot after its huge success within just weeks after it hit the streaming platforms.

Now, according to the latest reports in leading websites, Cardi B is desperate to perform her "WAP" song in front of her fans. The 27-year-old star has admitted on Twitter that she'd love to perform the sensational song at concerts and festivals on front of huge crowds.

Expressing her desire, Cardi B took to her social media account and wrote, "Yoooo I wanna perform WAP so bad with a lot a** crowd. I miss shows and festivals..Yoooooo I would of went crazy(sic)."

The rapper features on the track alongside fellow rapper cum songwriter Megan Thee Stallion. While the song has attracted millions of fans worldwide and turned out to become a huge success, 'WAP' has also drawn plenty of criticism since its launch.

WAP Song Controversy

Comedian Russell Brand even questioning whether the latest music video represents a "feminist masterpiece" or "porn." Well, 45-year-old Russell Brand also said that Cardi B's controversial video, which also stars business mogul and modelling sensation Kylie Jenner and Normani is just a "capitalist objectification and commodification" of females.

Cardi B's WAP Song Tops UK Billboard
Cardi B's WAP Song Tops UK Billboard

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's Single Top The U.K Charts

With their joint smash "WAP," which is still conquering the globe Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion have jumped into the first spot on UK's singles chart. For both the rappers, WAP is the first leader and it also marks the first week in quite a while in which a female rapper managed to grab the top spot.

Cardi B's WAP Song UK
Cardi B's WAP Song UK

Expressing joy over the success of her latest single, Cardi B shared the news on her official Instagram page. She wrote, "Wow so happy to share that WAP just went number 1 in the UK music billboards. We went number 1 in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and now the UK . So happy thankful and grateful. Weeks past and the song is still performing amazing."

She further said that she wants to do something special for the fans this week or next week tagging her WAP song partner Megan Thee Stallion to make the decision in the post. She also thanked her fans around the world for all the support and love showered upon the song WAP WAP WAP!

Watch the sensational WAP song by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion here:

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