Ana Cheri's Hot Twerk Video on Cardi B's WAP Song Leaves Fans Drooling on Instagram

American bombshell Ana Cheri leaves fans drooling on Instagram with her latest twerk video on Cardi B's WAP song

American bombshell Ana Cheri has dropped a sizzling video in which she is seen dancing to the tunes of Cardi B's latest song "WAP". The song has taken the internet by storm soon after its release. Millions of people made TikTok videos on the song.

Ana Cheri also took the opportunity to use Cardi B's song in her hot video in which she is seen dancing in the rain. In the sizzling video, Ana Cheri gets wet wearing a see-through white monokini that revealed most of her skin and assets. She looked smoking hot in the video that has left millions of fans drooling on the social media platform.

Ana Cheri Sets the Internet on Fire

Ana Cheri Twerks on CardiB's Wap Song
Ana Cheri Twerks on Cardi B's Wap Song

Ana Cheri posted the clip to announce the release of her new video on her Onlyfans page. According to her latest Instagram post, Ana Cheri's sizzling video, in which she is seen twerking in the rain on Cardi B's hit song WAP will be available on her official Onlyfans account tomorrow.

Ana Cheri flaunted her curvaceous figure in the video that has raised temperatures on Instagram. The diva before the novel Coronavirus crisis started had vacationed with her dear husband Ben Moreland. Both were seen in each other's arms in a pool in an unknown resort, as Cheri didn't mention it in her geotag.

Ana Cheri
Ana Cheri's Dance on Wap Song

The 33-year-old modeling sensation is known for her stunning figure, sultry images on social media, and Onlyfans videos, which has managed to get her a whopping 12.5 million followers on Instagram today. In another sizzling post, Ana was seen rocking a black revealing monokini, which left her massive underboobs on display.

Ana has often left fans' hearts racing on social media with her hot photos and videos. She is a stunner by birth and a successful model in America. From rocking two-piece swimsuits to flaunting her perky derriere in revealing outfits, Ana has dared to do all. She had even gone nude for her Instagram updates, which had garnered millions of views.