It is a proven fact that soap or alcohol-based sanitizers can kill the Coronavirus, and scientists all over the globe are trying to learn more on the novel virus. With new research appearing day by day on how long this virus can stay active on different surfaces, people seem to be going crazy on finding innovative disinfection ideas.

According to the latest studies, COVID-19 stays in the air for 30 minutes, travels 15-ft and survives for days on fabric, metal, plastic or paper at a temperature as high as 37 degree Celsius. Meanwhile, on smooth surfaces like banknotes and glass, the virus is believed to survive at least for four days. Though studies haven't proved if the Coronavirus found in clothes and papers can be killed by ironing them, a banker in India has come up with an innovative idea on 'getting rid of the virus'.

Banker's 'innovative' idea

Indian banker's 'innovative' idea to get rid of Coronavirus goes viral on social media
Indian banker's 'innovative' idea to get rid of Coronavirus goes viral on social media Anand Mahindra/Twitter

In a video that is doing the rounds on social media, a bank employee, who is wearing a mask and hand gloves is seen collecting a cheque using a tong. That's not all. He then puts it on his table and runs a steam iron over it to 'disinfect' the cheque.

The incident is said to have happened at the Bank of Baroda branch in Gujarat, India. The 27-second video went viral after Indian billionaire businessman Anand Mahindra, who is the chairman of Mahindra Group shared it on his Twitter account. "In my #whatsappwonderbox I have no idea if the cashier's technique is effective but you have to give him credit for his creativity," he tweeted while sharing the video.

Though there is no evidence to prove if it's an acceptable method, netizens have been showering praise for his creative idea to kill the virus. Some have also started labelling it as 'Indian jugaad' and 'desi jugaad'. (Jugaad means solving problems using limited resources in an innovative way) "Bank cashier killing Coronavirus. Only Indians can come up with such ideas. But truly amazing!" commented a social media user.

Beware of fake claims

Meanwhile, multiple fake claims on getting rid of the Coronavirus have been doing the rounds on social media. Recently, multiple fake messages and videos claiming the consumption of garlic water, ginger, warm water, oil, lemon and bicarbonate tea, to name a few, will kill the COVID-19 had gone viral online.