Ever since the novel Coronavirus started affecting the lives of millions of people all over the world, wearing face masks have become a necessity. But have you been using gloves to protect yourself from contracting the deadly COVID-19? If so, then it's time for you to realise that these gloves are not safe if you don't use them the right way.

Molly Lixey, a nurse from Michigan, US, explains that wearing gloves doesn't mean you are completely safe from getting infected with the virus. She uses paint to represent germs and proves how easily gloves can cause cross-contamination with her simple demonstration video.

"A quick little Molly rant about cross-contamination and gloves," she wrote while sharing the three-minute-23-second video on her Facebook page. "I'm seeing a lot of people out in public wearing gloves right now. That's great. If you want to wear gloves, you know that's all fine and well, you absolutely can. But I want to remind you of a little thing called cross-contamination," she is heard saying in the clip.

Michigan nurse demonstrates how easily germs can spread when you use gloves
Michigan nurse demonstrates how easily germs can spread when you use gloves. Molly Lixey/Facebook

Lixey then goes on demonstrating by wearing a pair of disposable gloves on her hands pretending as if she is leaving from her car to go shopping. At first, she picks her mobile phone with gloves in hand and keeps it in the cart. She then pretends to reach out for toilet paper that has been contaminated. To show her hands are now dirty, she dips her fingertips into the paint as germs can be invisible to the naked eyes.

Lixey then touches both her hands together a couple of times and touches her phone after getting a text message from her husband. She even scratches her nose when it itches. That's when she gets a call from her mom and talks to her. After paying for the items she purchased at the store, she goes back to her car and removes her gloves. But then, her phone rings and she uses the phone again, now this time without gloves.

And the result?

Her nose, cheek and hands are now left with a lot of paint clearly showing how germs can easily spread within our body even while using gloves.

Lixey then ends the video by asking people to throw away the dirty gloves only inside the garbage can and not at the parking lot, clearly indicating that she saw someone doing this disgusting act.

Watch the video demonstration here: