#ByeIvanka Trends After She Promotes President Trump's Skills-Based Hiring Initiative

The White House released a video in which Ivanka says her father was going to overhaul the way the federal government hires.

Ivanka Trump faced a major backlash on Twitter after she hailed US President Donald Trump for rolling out 'Skills-Based Hiring initiative'. The executive order which President Trump signed on June 27 will require federal agencies to prioritize skills over a college degree when hiring.

Senior White House advisor and daughter of the US President, Ivanka was chosen as the face of the new initiative in a nearly minute-long video released by the White House.


Ivanka Goes All Out to Promote Father Trump

Called 'Nepotism Barbie' by the netizens, Ivanka said that her father was going to overhaul the way the federal government hires. "President Trump has always been a champion for the American worker and ensuring that nobody is forgotten or left behind. It's part of why through the pledge to American workers he's focused on skills training and enhanced career opportunity in a private sector-led approach," Ivanka said in the clip tweeted by the White House.

Ivanka went on to claim that Trump wants to fill federal job vacancies based on people having the skill, the passion, the drive, the competency to do the job, not purely based on outdated career or licensing requirements.

Notably, both Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner have repeatedly faced backlash following their appointment in Trump's administration. Despite having no working experience in the government, the couple was appointed as Senior Advisors after Trump came to power in 2016.

More than Ivanka, it is Kushner who has faced the heat after he was given a major portfolio including overhauling the entire executive branch, bringing peace to the Middle East, and containing the novel coronavirus.

Twitter Blasts Ivanka Trump, #ByeIvanka Trends Again

Soon after the White House released the clip of Ivanka praising her father for the new initiative, Twitter started trolling Ivanka by terming her to be a perfect example of nepotism.

"Good riddence & #ByeIvanka forever asap America! #TraitorTrump & the whole family are gold-plated trash, and have damaged America so deeply that it may take decades to fully undo the damage. The GOP are filthy traitors enabling this tragedy. DISGUSTING MAGAt trash, the lot," wrote an angry user.

A spoof video made by MeidasTouch highlighting Trump's policies in the past, rising unemployment and hiring his daughter and son-in-law, went viral on the micro-blogging site. Here are some of the tweets mocking Ivanka Trump.