BTS's Jin transfers $3.4 million Hannam The Hill apartment to two most loved people in his life

BTS's Jin has transferred the remaining shares of his apartment to his parents, gifting the posh abode to the two people he loves the most

BTS's Jin is in news regarding his Hannam The Hill apartment at Hannam-dong in Seoul that the singer had bought recently. This time he has gathered attention for a good deed of gifting the recently bought posh apartment to his parents.

Kim Seok Jin, better known as BTS Jin has transferred the complete ownership of the apartment that he had brought in January this year. He had brought the posh apartment at Hannam The Hill, that houses many celebrities along with his parents. He had 35 percent of the ownership of 4.2 billion KRW, ie, $ 3.4 million worth apartment.

Jin transferred his share of the apartment to his parents on April 27

BTS Jin Instagram

Biz Korea reported that Jin transferred his share of the 284.2 square metres apartment too to his parents on April 27. Accordingly, he has given ownership of 18 percent of the share of the apartment to his mother and 17 percent to his father.

This is the second apartment owned by Jin at Hannam The Hill. Jin brought his first apartment here in July 2018. The house was 614 sqft and cost him 1.87 Billion KRW, ie, $1.52 million. He was the first member of BTS to own house at Hannam The Hill.

In fact, after the success of the band, CEO Bang Si Hyuk had rented out a spacious apartment at the Hannam The Hill as he wanted BTS members to live in luxury and comfort. The BTS members had shifted to this apartment in December 2017.

Jin has two apartments at Hannam the Hill

However, the house Jin had brought was sold in July 2019, as he brought a larger apartment that was 2,508 sqft in size. The cost of the same is not known exactly. Recently, another BTS member Kim Namjoon better known as RM bought a luxurious apartment at Hannam The Hill. RM brought the apartment for a whopping 4.9 Billion Korean Won, i.e. $4 million that spreads across 3,060 square feet.

With this, Jin has two apartments at Hannam the Hill, which is popular among celebrities. Lee Seung Chul, Han Hyo Joo, and Choo Ja Hyun and others too are said to own apartments at Hannam The Hill.

Here is how an apartment at Hannam The Hill looks:

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