BTS Jin pays for Suga's birthday party but fans go crazy over his credit card; here is why

Fans dig deep into BTS star Kim Seok Jin's credit card that is shown in a video clip of Jin paying after Suga's birthday dinner. Here is what they found!


BTS idol Suga celebrated his birthday as the entire BTS gang gathered to give the birthday boy a surprise party. What's more, Jin sponsored the party and netizens can't stop watching the video. Two videos of Suga's 28th birthday celebration and dinner were shared on BTS's twitter account. Suga thanked Jin for sponsoring the dinner.

Fans dug deep into the video and found out what card Jin used to pay. The card that appears for a brief moment caught fans eyes and here is what they found out. Jin uses a digital Hyundai black card. Only 0.05% VVIP customers own this card in the entire country. Thus Jin is one of the VVIP 9999 persons, that makes him the oldest member of one of the most exclusive social groups in the nation.

The card cannot be applied as it is provided through invitation. It starts functioning only after being approved by the Vice President of Hyundai Card. The cardholders get special benefits including offers while travelling, cultural events, vouchers for luxuries at prestigious hotels and also free upgrade to first-class flight.

According to Allkpop, the annual membership to the card is 2,000,000 KRW ($1,700 USD). Fans were all parises for Kim Seok Jin's generosity and tweeted: "And after all their big loving brother Jin payed for the whole thing"

IT seems Jin not only paid for the BTS gang but also for all staff members. Another Twitter user wrote: Our Seokjinnie Hyung paid even staff's tables Nice Jin jjin jjin jjin jjin jjin jjin we ate well Hyung. And Jinie babie kept the word and paid for everyone and he really out there being the best hyung ever."

Suga was born on March 9, 1993. He is managed by Big Hit Entertainment and joined BTS in 2013. Another Kpop star Taeyeon also celebrates her birthday today. But due to the sudden demise of her father, the singer will not celebrate the birthday. She has also postponed the release of her single 'Happy' slated for today. Girls' Generation member Taeyeon's father died following a cardiac arrest.

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