BTS Unfollows Jason Derulo, Conan Grey and, Tony Jones, Here is Why Army is Celebrating

BTS goes on an unfollowing spree. Here is why ARMY is celebrating after BTS unfollowing American songwriter-singer Jason Derulo!

The Grammy nominee BTS has started unfollowing social media handles of celebrities who have disappointed ARMY [BTS fan group]. BTS has currently unfollowed celebrities including Tony Jones, Conan Gray, Lindsay Lohan, Kehlani and American-songwriter, singer, Jason Derulo is the latest in BTS' unfollowed list. Here is exactly why BTS decided to go on an unfollowing spree.

The ARMY has been quick in spotting individuals and groups who disrespect BTS. Many celebrities have received the backlash from ARMY for negatively representing BTS. On the same lines, the ARMY was not happy with Jason Derulo who had collaborated with BTS for the remix of Savage Love alongside Jawsh 685 (Laxed – Siren Beat). But time and again, the American singer was seen avoiding even mentioning of BTS.

BTS Jason Darulo
Kpop group BTS has unfollowed American singer Jason Darulo on Twitter. Instagram

The Savage Answer!

When his song [Savage Love remix] reached number one on Billboard charts and hot 100, he made a TikTok video to celebrate the occasion, but again, forgot to mention BTS. This had hugely disappointed the ARMY. But the Kpop fan group became furious with Derulo's online interview with Ellen DeGeneres. During the interview, host asked the singer about collaborating with BTS group and he till the end referred to BTS as massive Kpop group without mentioning its name.

Ellen DeGeneres: Were You a BTS fan? How did that come about [the collaboration]?

Jason Derulo: Actually I met them a couple of years ago, they walked up to me and told me how much they appreciate my work. It was great, but I didn't know who they were at that moment yet. But later, at that award show they were doing some kind of competition between different fandoms and they were winning against Bieber, Ariana Grande. I was like, this is serious! Then couple of years later, we have this song, it is amazing.

Then he continued to talk about Savage Love and said, "Two different... I mean people from all over the world, you have Jawsh from New Zealand and you have myself, an American, and you have this massive Kpop group. You put them together and it is amazing," said Derulo.

The ARMY had expressed its disappointment and now BTS' action of unfollowing Derulo on their social media handles has made them so happy that they are celebrating with memes. BTS fans are bombarding Twitter with memes of ARMY celebrating the occasion.

Here are some of the memes BTS shared on Twitter:

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