BTS Fans Divided over J-Hope's Sister Jung Jiwoo Striking a Deal with CUBE Entertainment

The fans of BTS are divided over J-Hope's Sister Jung Jiwoo signing a contract with CUBE Entertainment. While many have welcomed her decision not to sign a contract with the septet's group, some have raised their objection to not striking a deal with HYBE ( Big Hit Entertainment), which manages the seven-member group.

J Hope's Sister Jung Jiwoo
J Hope's Sister Jung Jiwoo. Jung Jiwoo Instagram Account

Cube Entertainment's Announcement
Cube Entertainment has announced that it has signed a contract with Jung Jiwoo. The agency has sought the fans support for her as she becomes a member of its family, but the agency has not revealed the role it has offered to J-Hope's sister.

"We would like to inform you that influencer Jung Jiwoo has become a part of the family and has signed an exclusive contract with CUBE Entertainment. Jung Jiwoo is the CEO of AJ LOOK, internet shopping mall MEJIWOO, eyewear brand FUN THE MENTAL, and is also an influencer and YouTuber. We hope that you will show love and interest in Jung Jiwoo's new challenges and future activities with CUBE Entertainment." the agency is quoted as saying by Koreaboo in a statement.

Jung Jiwoo is an influencer and the CEO of AJ Look and internet shopping mall Mejiwoo. She is a popular face on Instagram who has 7.5 million followers. It has to be seen how Cube Entertainment uses her service.

J-Hope birthday
J-Hope Facebook/JHopeLovers

Fans Divided

The fans of BTS are unhappy. Some netizens wanted her to be part of the boy group's Big Entertainment, but many appreciate her decision as it could have easily paved the way for nepotism debate.

Some also not happy with the reason why she opted Cube Entertainment instead of any other agency as the agency has faced controversies in recent history.

Fans' Tweets:

ᴮᴱKARMA LOVES BTS⁷: But why with Cube like there are ao many better choices????? Like anyone, anyone is better???

KeenaTwo heartsClown face: Preach!! If she had joined BH then people would have been shouting nepotism heart: SHUT UP OMG REALLY??! Why cube tho that company doesn't care about their idols SkullSkull

YeJunie: As a fashion designer/consultant. This will allow her to expand her business without being overshadowed by her brother and his company. (It's also so she won't be shown favoritism as well. She wants to be her own boss.)

Nickos Mabasa Delos Santos (ᜈᜃᜐ᜔ ᜋᜊᜐ)Flag of Philippines: It's a rightful decision that Jiwoo made to sign with CUBE rather than HYBE /BH because there will be comparisons of her and hobi.She strives on her own accord to make a name of herself and own achievement that she can proudly proclaim as her own. Woman Empowerment!! Go Jiwoo!!!!

badz Rainbow flag: like can you imagine the possible judgments towards her if she got onto bighit? nepotism issues might arise so this might actually be a smart move on her. she's working on her own terms, let her be.

Haf: Why are people mad at this when she actually signed as a fashion influencer and not an idol...she's an adult who is capable of making her own decisions...I'm sick of 13 year old kids dictating someone's life.. #Mejiwoo

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