BTS Member RM Replies to Haters During Permission to Dance on Stage Concert in Las Vegas [WATCH]

BTS member RM has brushed off the Grammys snub with a message to the haters during the Permission to Dance on Stage concert in Las Vegas, Nevada. Though the boy band delivered an outstanding performance at the 64th annual award ceremony, there were talks about them not winning an award once again this year.

Some people, including former rapper and American Media personality Joe Budden, said they do not like the South Korean boy band. After the Recording Academy 2022, there were also hate messages against the group online. Now, the band's leader and rapper RM has come up with a reply to all those people.

When the K-pop idol got an opportunity to deliver a speech during their concert in Las Vegas, he confidently responded to all the haters' comments. The BTS member said he knows there are discussions about the group's Grammy performance and the band itself. But it never affected him or his teammates, he added.

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RM's Reply to Haters:

Guys, I know there's a lot of noise out there about the GRAMMYs and the team itself. But, you know... Why give a sh*t about it? Hating is their freedom. And they have their right to hate. But if it was me, I'd rather just talk with my friends in some cafe and forget about it. But rather than tweet about it or some interview, I won't do that cause I'm grown up.

The rapper then said the purpose of their tour was to meet the fans and spend time with them. The screaming, shouting, and applause of the fans are more precious for the boy band than any trophy, title, or record of accomplishment. Fans are more important to the group than all these things. The band was formed to sing along, dance together, communicate, and share energy with the fans.

The K-pop idol further said the seven-member group worked hard and became successful for the fans and themselves. He reassured the fans that BTS would continue to work hard and become more successful.

A Message to Fans:

Watch RM's Reply to Haters:

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