BTS Member J-Hope Starts Military Enlistment Process; Fans' Reactions

After Jin, BTS member J-Hope started preparations to complete his mandatory military enlistment. BIGHIT MUSIC released an official statement explaining the upcoming military enlistment of BTS member J-Hope. It started the process for his military enlistment by applying for the termination of his military enlistment postponement.

The company released the details through Weverse. It informed the fans that they would be updated in due course. It urged the fans for their continued love and support for the K-pop idol until he completes his military service and returns safely.

"Our company will spare no effort in providing support for our artist," the entertainment company added.

BTS member J-hope Instagram/J-hope

Here is the Complete Statement by BIGHIT MUSIC:

Fans' Reactions

BTS Army and other K-pop fans were unhappy to know about J-Hope's military enlistment. But they were also excited about the group's comeback in 2025.

I know its sad. BIGHIT starts to drop who's enlisting next. We know that they decided this, because it is the right thing to do. So this means 2025 is fast approaching. The 2025 Legendary Comeback of BTS is fast Approaching. Lets prepare for the most awaited comeback!

The way I was not expecting hobi to be next I thought it was going in age order. I haven't gotten over jin now hobi is about to leave us next.

Hobi applying for the termination of his enlistment postponement although he can postponement his enlistment until February 17th 2024

Armys we are gonna be little sad but this is better time that they enlist now so they all can comeback at the same time in 2025 as they promised.

It has caused me mental distress and emotional damage. Thank you, however, for keeping us army informed. We love and support Hobi and wish him well.

J-Hope recently released the documentary j-hope IN THE BOX detailing his experience of producing a solo album. He released his first solo album on July 15, 2022.

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