BTS Meal Chicken Nugget Shaped Like 'Among Us' Character Sold For a Whopping $99,997

A woman from Utah received a chicken nugget that resembled an Among Us crewmate inside the BTS Meal. Here is how it made her richer by nearly $100,000.

Can you imagine a chicken nugget being sold for thousands of dollars? This time, a chicken nugget piece found in the BTS Meal has helped an ARMY [BTS fan] from Utah earn nearly $100,000. But everybody is not lucky as the Utah woman Polizna. Here is how she got lucky.

Polizna from Utah had ordered a BTS Meal. When she opened the nuggets pack, she was surprised to find a chicken nugget that resembled an Among Us crewmate. The smart woman not only flaunted it on social media but also put it up for auction.

BTS Meal
The BTS Meal combo by McDonald's. Instagram

Six-Day Auction

She placed the photograph of the special nugget for auction on eBay on May 28. The starting bid was priced at $0.99. But suddenly the price rose to $14,969.69 and then it just went up skyrocketing. She kept the auction open for six days. Finally the auction option was closed on June 4.

By then Polizna had received 184 bids. The highest among them was $99,997. So without further thought she sold it to the highest bidder. Thus she earned nearly $100,000 by just investing $11 on a BTS Meal.

McDonalds joined hands with BTS to introduce a special combo [titled BTS Meal] and announced that it will be made available in 49 countries in the world. However, the BTS meal is not available in all 49 countries as planned by McDonalds. But the company plans to fulfil its promise by June 25, and residents of all countries in the list will get to enjoy the BTS Meal.

The BTS meal was made available in the U.S. on May 26. According to a report from Gordon Haskett Research Advisors, the restaurant visits went up by 12 percent during the first days of promotion, post introduction of the BTS Meal combo.

Currently, the meal is said to be a worldwide hit. The combo has fries, 10-piece nuggets, coke with two sauces – sweet chilli and Cajun. The meal is being loved by the ARMY. According to Korean media, the sales of McNuggets in McDonald's Korea increased 283 percent daily on average since BTS Meal was launched on May 27, when compared to the daily sales before the BTS Meal release.

The Travis Scott Meal

McDonalds had previously partnered with American rapper Travis Scott in September 2020. The Travis Scott Meal at McDonald's included a medium Sprite, a quarter pounder with bacon, and fries with barbecue sauce.

This meal deal had earned Scott a whopping $20 million. BTS is said to have been promised $9 million for their BTS Meal deal. Reports claim that if the same rush continues BTS Meal surely will be more successful than the Travis Scott Meal in terms of netting profits.