BTS Map of the Soul ON:E Concert Date, Venue, Live Streaming Details and More

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming online and offline concert by BTS called Map of the Soul ON:E.

International K-Pop sensation, BTS is getting ready to treat its fans worldwide with a live performance through its upcoming online and offline concert called Map of the Soul ON:E. The musical program will be a two-day event, according to their agency Big Hit Entertainment. The agency also said it is looking forward to a lot of participation from internet users across the globe.

The agency is expecting a large number of online participation because there are limited seats available for offline participants. It is mainly due to the ongoing concerns about the spread of coronavirus pandemic. The concert will follow all the government guidelines about social distancing, the South Korean entertainment agency said during a corporate briefing.

This will be the first live concert by BTS ever since they were forced to cancel their scheduled World Tour earlier this year due to coronavirus pandemic. The news has come as a surprise to many K-Pop fans worldwide, who were eagerly waiting for the performances of their favorite Korean heartthrobs. Some of the followers of this globally popular South Korean boy band shared their excitement online.

"Sweet dreams to all you hungry and thirsty people have been wandering through the desert of no BTS in concert for over six months. The rains are on their way. Put out the rain barrels for the next drought!! ON AND ON forever!!!" a Twitter user wrote.

Meanwhile, another BTS fan tweeted, "Journey as warriors against their shadows rather than victims trapped in them. Here are just my two cents. I can't wait to see what they will show us. I'm sure it is going to be even harder and bigger than ever".

A teaser of BTS' upcoming concert 'Map of the Soul ON:E' Twitter/Big Hit Entertainment

Now, let's check out some of the most important things about this online and offline concert tour called Map of the Soul ON:E

When and Where will BTS Perform Its Live Concert Tour?

As mentioned above, it will be a two-day event that will begin on October 10 and end on October 11. Big Hit Entertainment will reveal the place of this musical performance in the upcoming days. Through a press briefing, the agency has asked the music lovers to stay tuned for all additional details about the stage show.

"We look forward to your interest in the Map of the Soul ON: E, a one and only 'online edition' concert...Please stay tuned for all additional notices for more detailed information," a statement by the agency read.

What are the Songs to be Performed at the Upcoming Concert?

Since the concert is titled Map of the Soul ON: E, speculations are rife that most of the songs included in the show will be from BTS' latest albums, Map of the Soul: 7 and Map of the Soul: Persona. However, Big Hit Entertainment has not shared any details about the performances until now. So the fans of this South Korean Boy band will have to wait for more details about it.

Where to Buy Tickets and How to Watch BTS' Upcoming Concert?

All the details about the offline concert, including the number of seats, ticket price, and purchasing information, are accepted to be revealed by the entertainment agency in the upcoming days. It is also worth noting that the cost for participation in online concert and other limitations of it are also not revealed by the agency yet.

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