BTS: Jungkook Sends Fans Into a Frenzy with a Secret on Weverse Live

BTS member Jungkook promised fans he would share a secret with them soon. The K-pop idol held a Weverse Live on Friday (July 28). He broke the internet by going shirtless. During the broadcast, the Korean heartthrob showcased a scar on his arm and said there is a story behind it.

The Seven singer said he cannot talk about it now but will share the secret later. Jungkook then asked his fans if he should get a tattoo on the scar. The idol sent the internet into a meltdown. Netizens could not get over his shirtless. They flooded social media platforms and online communities with messages about the BTS member's tattoo craze.

Some netizens were curious to know the story behind the scar, while a few others were eager to find out the design Jungkook would choose to design the mark. Some fans felt disappointed to realize that they never noticed the scar on his arm.

BTS member Jungkook Twitter

"I am quite curious about the design he would choose if he decides to get a tattoo.! All of his tattoos are gorgeous. I am confident that if he gets one there, it will be equally stunning", a netizen tweeted.

"I think he may not be able to inform us presently because the incident occurred while recording or filming unreleased material. Coz he didn't say "MAYBE ill tell you later", he said "I can't tell you now but ill tell you later", another netizen wrote.

"It's Okay to have a scar... please be comfortable... whenever you want just take your time we will be waiting... and if you doing a tattoo because of us don't do it we love it and scars are beautiful so don't worry... it's your body just do what you want...", a fan stated

"We're just seeing his naked shoulders, he's revealing a scar we've never seen without the story, and already wants to hide it. /too much going on with this guy during "hiatus". #JK let us get used to your nakedness before you walk into the shower with your phone", another fan commented.

'No More Tattoos'

Meanwhile, several netizens were against the idea of Jungkook getting a new tattoo to design the scar. They urged the BTS member to leave the mark as it is. Here are a few reactions from netizens.

No, it's a life battle scar, a memory like a painting. It's beautiful.

No, please, jk, not on this side. You have such a sexy mole on that bicep. The tattoo would hide it.

JUNGKOOK DONT— I won't be able to survive another tattoo?

No..keep the tattoos on the other wear those well. Unless you are thinking of tattooing my name there? Then go right ahead! Lol

If Jungkook decides to get more tattoos, I will only communicate with the nurses at the ward and nobody else.

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