Chinese Smartphone Tries to Use BTS Popularity to Outsmart its Rival Company; Gets Slammed by Koreans

A Chinese smartphone company is facing a backlash from angry North Koreans and BTS fans. It is because the manufacturer apparently tried to use the boy group name to promote its new product.

BTS fans upset with Chinese smartphone company. Instagram

The Controversy
Vivo, for its V21 model smartphone, released the promotional materials of its new phone in which the letters BTS are seen. The letters in the purple pink caught the attention of the netizens and gave an impression to the people of the septet collaborating with the Chinese company.

The letters BTS mentioned in the promos is the short form of 'Be There Soon'. The fans felt that the company was trying to cash in on the popularity of the boy group and attempted to give a competition to its rival company Samsung for its S20 Plus model.

Samsung has collaborated with BTS to promote this model and the Vivo's promotional strategy did not go well with the netizens. After facing a lot of criticism, the company deleted the promos using BTS from its social media sites.

Earlier. Vivo had released V21 on 27 May where BTS had launched 'BTS Meal' in Malaysia and the company had used 'BTS McDonalds' in its social media promotions and wrote 'Please let us borrow BTS.'

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Hylian Sova Flag of Brazil #GOGL: Not exactly bts name, just the same letters
BTS can actually mean be there soon, or even behind the scenes
But it was a dirty marketing move tho

BTS New Single Breaks Record
The latest single 'Butter' from BTS is on a record-breaking spree. It became the most-viewed music video on YouTube in 24 hours by a K-group by amassing 108,200,000 views. On Spotify, it garnered 11,042,355 streams in the same period.

By the time, this story went for publishing, the 'Butter' official MV had secured 361,748,377 on YouTube.

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