Bryson Muir: Son of Former NFL Star Daniel Muir Found in Property Owned by Religious Group as His Parents Are Arrested

The search was launched after Bryson's parents, Daniel and Kristen Muir, failed to attend their court appearance on Tuesday.

Bryson Muir, the son of former Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman Daniel Muir, has been located two weeks after he was reported missing, following a dramatic SWAT operation. The 14-year-old's parents, along with a large number of people, have been arrested and are currently in custody, while the teenager was found safe.

The 14-year-old was found on a property that belongs to the religious group the Servant Leader's Foundation, which the Muir family is associated with. Three SWAT teams, police officers, K9 units, and even a bomb squad were deployed to locate the young boy. Authorities and investigators visited the compound in Logansport, Indiana, around 80 miles west of Fort Wayne.

Found at Last

Bryson Muir
Bryson Muir X

Videos revealed how detectives and State Police swarmed the property with multiple vehicles, including armored ones. The search was launched after Bryson's parents, Daniel and Kristen Muir, failed to attend their court appearance on Tuesday.

Bryson was last seen on June 16 with his mother in a white Chevrolet Suburban owned by the Servant Leader's Foundation.

Bryson Muir
Bryson Muir seen with a black eye X

Police later located the vehicle and pulled it over, finding only his mother inside. Bryson was not present, so they released her.

His grandmother, Cheryl Wright, alerted the police because she was worried about a black eye she suspected was caused by the boy's father, a former NFL player.

"His face was battered," Wright told local Fox affiliate WXIN-TV about her grandson's condition after picking him up.

"When I got him he had a black eye and busted lip, and his whole face was swollen," she continued.

"I can only imagine how many times he had been hit in the face for it to be like that."

Worried Grandmother Raised Alarm

Daniel Muir
Daniel Muir X

Wright also said that Bryson confided in her that his father was responsible for the black eye. She believes her grandson has been repeatedly abused and "brainwashed" by his parents and the religious group they are part of.

"Bryson is so conditioned or brainwashed to their way of living that he wanted to go back," Wright said of the situation.

"As I tried to get my daughter to leave he ran out of the house and left with them."

After reporting this to the police, investigators attempted to reach the boy's parents by visiting the family's home, which is also owned by the Servant Leader's Foundation.

Kristen Muir
Kristen Muir X

After multiple failed attempts, the Indiana State Police said that the Muirs began "cooperating" late last week after their lawyer conveyed their willingness to meet and talk.

However, just an hour before the scheduled meeting, the Muirs withdrew, prompting an urgent state-wide Silver Alert.

After locating the teen, who police said "appeared safe and well," both parents were taken into custody, along with several other individuals who were also detained.