Britney Spears Seen Having Bizarre Meltdown at LA Restaurant after Customers Start Taking Her Photos, Prompting Husband to Storm Out [WATCH]

A little while later, the former Disney star also stormed out of the establishment with her bodyguard, who eventually came back to settle the bill.

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Britney Spears was seen having a bizarre meltdown at a restaurant in Los Angeles on Friday night while she was out on a casual date night with her husband Sam Asghari. According to TMZ, the pop queen, 41, had a distressing mental episode after she and Asghari, 28, and their bodyguard arrived at Joey for dinner in the Woodland Hills area.

Spears supposedly lost her cool when diners pulled out their phones and started taking unauthorized pictures and videos of her. Video acquired by the site shows Britney attempting to shield her face from inquisitive eyes with a menu. However, things went worse after that prompting Asghari to storm out of the restaurant.

Manic Meltdown

According to reports, when the acclaimed pop diva arrived for dinner fans immediately recognized her and pulled out their phones to take pictures and videos of her, which caused Spears to become visibly agitated, according to a video obtained by the publication.

Witnesses claim that the 41-year-old "Piece of Me" singer started yelling and "talking gibberish," which caused Asghari to leave the Woodland Hills eatery, according to TMZ.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears seen yelling and talking gibberish at the LA restaurant on Friday night Twitter

A little while later, the former Disney star also stormed out of the establishment with her bodyguard, who eventually came back to settle the bill.

In the video, Spears can be seen grumbling to herself while alone in the restaurant before she and her security leave.

Her strange behavior comes as #FreeBritney campaigners worry that she is still under control.

Britney Spears meltdown
Britney Spears seen trying to shield her face with a menu as customers tried to take her photo Twitter

The "Hold It Against Me" singer uploaded a video of herself dancing to Nicki Minaj's Feeling Myself on Friday night around 8 pm while donning a brown crop top and low-waisted skirt. It is not known when the video was shot.

Troubled Life

In 2021, Spears disclosed that she had been given a bipolar disorder diagnosis. The "Toxic" singer was forced to take medication against her choice during her 13-year conservatorship when her father Jamie maintained a significant amount of power over both her personal and professional life.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari
Britney Spears with husband Sam Asghari Twitter

The conservatorship came to an end in November 2021 following a well-publicized court struggle. The singer, who has been married three times, bemoaned how it dictated practically every area of her life, including her method of contraception.

Since then, Spears, who has an on-again, off-again connection with social media, has boldly shared nearly naked photographs of herself bathing and relaxing on the beach on Instagram. She has even been seen dancing strangely, giving the camera the middle finger, and eating cake off the ground.

Fans questioned if the iconic pop queen was truly free after the 13-year conservatorship that had given her father authority over her wealth ended.

Britney Spears naked
A naked photo posted by Britney Spears since her 13-year conservatorship ended Instagram

They appeared especially wary of Spears' wedding last year since observers claimed she didn't appear to be in her right mind.

The singer revealed she hasn't had "real consciousness in three years," even though she promised fans she couldn't breathe because of a panic attack earlier in the day. Fans were looking for someone to blame and fingered Asghari, who later refuted the claims.

"No, I don't even control what we have for dinner," the 28-year-old model told TMZ last month. "You know, in the past, there has been a lot of stuff going on, so I understand where [fans are] coming from."

"They're just being protective. If anything, they're being good fans," he added.

Britney Spears Nude
Britney Spears shared her nude photos on Instagram Instagram

Spears has a history of having public meltdowns. In 2007, Spears took to the razor and left the salon bald when a stylist refused to cut the Grammy winner's brown hair. She was only 25 years old at that time.

She was soon surrounded by paparazzi at a gas station while going through her divorce from her ex-husband Kevin Federline. In revenge, she destroyed a photographer's car with the notorious green umbrella.

At the time, the photographer, Daniel Ramos, remarked, "It was a bad moment in her life." It was unfortunately captured.

Online fights between Spears and her family members have also been made public, especially with her younger sister Jamie Lynn, who recently lamented having to live in the spotlight.