Britney Spears Leaves Fans Concerned after Posting Fully Frontal Naked Photos on Instagram

It comes only days after Spears sparked outrage with a series of naked Instagram photographs showing her cradling her puppy while wearing nothing at all.

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Britney Spears has once again raised concern among her fans by posting nine full-frontal naked photos to her Instagram account on Monday. For the photos, the 'Work Bitch' singer went down to her underwear, barely concealing her modesty with her hands and a heart emoji.

This, however, isn't the first time Spears has posted her nude photos but this definitely is the longest in the series of her naked photos posted ever by her. Many of the images have also been repeated. Fans took to the comment section immediately after she posted the nude photos showing their concern about the 40-year-old star.

Britney Bares it All

Britney Spears naked
One of the naked photos posted by Britney Spears Instagram

On Monday, "The Toxic" singer, who is pregnant with her boyfriend Sam Asghari's child, posed naked in a series of photos released on her official account. All the nine photos were taken in Mexico where Spears had gone on vacation.

"Photo dump of the last time I was in Mexico BEFORE there was a baby inside me," the pregnant singer captioned her first post containing six nude shots, adding: "Why the heck do I look 10 years younger on vacation."

Minutes later, she uploaded a second post with three additional naked images that were all quite similar. A tiny pink love heart emoji was strategically placed over the images.

The second's caption included, "Don't underestimate the power of doing it myself and shooting with a selfie stick", while the third simply stated:"I love you all SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO much."

In between each post of several nudes, Spears also uploaded other photographs, including a photo of expensive chocolates and a video of an apparently unrelated youngster receiving a birthday cake at school.

It comes only days after Spears sparked outrage with a series of naked Instagram photographs showing her cradling her puppy while wearing nothing at all.

Fans Concerned

Spears' latest tendency of posting nude photos has left her fans concerned. Minutes after posting the first series of nude photos fans took to the comment section to express their concerns about the pop artist, asking why she had uploaded the same photograph multiple times and whether she was displaying too much of herself to her 41 million followers.

"This girl she is sick, she is crying for help," one fan wrote, while another said: "I'm pretty sure that conservatorship was in place for a reason."

"Someone that genuinely loves this girl, help her," added another.

"We don't need to see this and we don't need to see it five times in a different filter," wrote yet another fan.

"Why do you feel the need to keep posting pictures like this?" asked one woman.

"If your man had respect for u he'd never let you post half things you do! Leave some mystery..." said one admirer, implying that personal trainer Sam should have intervened to prevent the actress from uploading the explicit photos.

Understandably, posting naked photos is a way of expressing her freedom from the conservatorship she was under for years. With the termination of her 14-year-long conservatorship in November of last year, Spears was granted back control of her finances, medical, and personal decisions after a highly publicized legal battle.

In fact, last month, she revealed the news in a lengthy Instagram post, writing, "Sex is great when you're pregnant."

Her ardent admirers rallied behind her and helped launch the #FreeBritney movement, which is claimed to have helped her break free from her father Jamie Spears. However, some fans are now concerned about the Spears' social media activity, with one commenting, "Anyone else here legitimately concerned?"

"I really wished you would stop doing this. You keep proving that bit of an odd instability exists," wrote one concerned fan.