Who is Zane Powles? The teacher delivers free school meals to children during Coronavirus crisis

Assistant head teacher gets praised through colorful posters

Primary school teacher Zane Powles at Grimsby seaport walks five miles every day to deliver packaged lunch for children who qualify for free school meals. According to Sky News assistant, the head teacher says that difficulty in carrying heavy food around empty streets in rucksack bag is nothing as compared to the unpleasant experience of being forced to stay at home.

Zane Powles who teaches in Western Primary school distributes 78 lunch packets that contain a sandwich, packet of crisps, biscuit and an apple. He said that it cheers parents to stay at home with their children and keeps everyone safe.

Kim Leach, the school's executive head also deliver lunch in her car to remaining children who live at a greater distance. She explains that there are few families whose economic conditions are not that great and they have got very little food. Almost 40 percent of children at Western Primary School come from a disadvantaged background that has some of the worst poverty in the county.

Powles gets praised through hanging posters

Zane Powles
Zane Powles twitter/@zaneyteacher

Mr Powles is a fitness freak and a former soldier who keeps a check on the welfare of children on his rounds every day. He leaves the food packets at doorsteps of each house, knocks the door and get back to deliver further. Claire Pulfrey, one of the parents said: "It helps a lot because it means we don't have to go out to the shops all the time to get food in for the kids, so we can keep our families safer."

School's catering contractor provides the food and bags that are delivered during the Easter holidays too. People have put several posters around the area praising Zane Powles as one of the poster reads "Well Done Mr Powles". A tribute by a kid on the nearby garden wall by chalk reads "LEGNED!! MR POWLES". "My job is the welfare of children and educating them. In these times I'm just doing it in a different way," he said.

Grimsby is a large coastal English seaport town located at North East Lincolnshire in England. As of April 9, there have been 38 cases confirmed and three people died of coronavirus in Grimsby. The total number of COVID-19 fatalities reported from the United Kingdom has surpassed 7,000 as the number of infection cases has reached 61,474.

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