British model Demi Rose quarantined, goes completely naked with Kinsey in latest Instagram post

Demi Rose and Kinsey enjoy a sunbath amidst coronavirus scare which has created a major stir around the world

British model Demi Rose surely knows how to keep the spirits high at a time when the whole world is battling the fatal coronavirus. In her recent Instagram post, the curvaceous beauty goes completely nude while soaking up the sun during a self-imposed quarantine at an undisclosed location.

The recent picture, which received nearly 8,500 comments on the page, has Demi lazing around with her friend Kinsey on a sun-bed placed outdoors.

Demi Rose gives an eyeful of her booty

Demi Rose

The British model, who continues to tantalise her fans by posting racy photos quite frequently on her Instagram page, is seen lying belly down on the white coloured sun-beds placed on a lawn at an undisclosed location. One could also see a couple of books placed strategically on a round table placed between the two beds.

Both Demi and her friend Kinsey are completely naked with just a pair of sunglasses protecting their eyes from the sunlight. Showing off her perfectly curvaceous figure, Demi keeps her hair loose falling on the right shoulder. She appears to be wearing no makeup or accessory.

Demi Rose Mawby

Gazing sultrily towards the camera, Demi crosses her legs over one another, giving an eyeful of her well-rounded butts. Demi keeps her well-toned armed in front of her chest as she elevates her upper body just at the right angle to give a glimpse of her side-boobs. Demi's friend too strikes the same pose with her blonde hair swept sideways.

Demi, who recently posted pictures while posing in the French Alps, underwent a smile transformation procedure in Los Angeles.

Demi Rose and Kinsey exchange love notes on Instagram

The buxom beauty, who has 13.5 million followers on Instagram, received nearly 850,000 likes on her sunbathing post. She captioned the post: "Quarantine partner @kinsey ❤️."

Kinsey replied with "LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️," as soon as the post went up. Soon after in her post, Kinsey captioned the same picture: "Powerful independent women with big hearts and big dreams ❤️ @demirose." Soon after Demi replied: "Wifey ❤️❤️❤️ love you."

Fans were quick to comment on Demi's post. "Goals ," commented a fan as other wrote, "Make room for me ."

"ICONIC ❤️," commented another follower. "My the both of you look so beautiful just laying down enjoying the Sun," wrote a fan.

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