British Man Sent Oral Sex Clip of Ex to Friend, Threatened to Send Video of Her Doing Cocaine to Her Muslim Family Before She Jumped to Her Death

A British man admitted to sending a video of his girlfriend performing a sexual act to her friend as revenge before she died falling 24 metres from her flat, an inquest heard.

Alessio Bianchi alleged Damilya Jussipaliyeva, 24, was spreading rumours about him and said he wanted to make her stop, according to The Sun.

'I Wanted to Get Revenge'

Alessio Bianchi and Damilya Jussipaliyeva
Alessio Bianchi and Damilya Jussipaliyeva Twitter/Facebook

He told a London coroner's court on Tuesday: "I felt I had been done wrong and I wanted to get revenge. It's the worst thing I have ever done." Bianchi, now 30, said the rumours were the "straw that broke the camel's back, which led me to go ahead and send that video."

"But there was a build up to that whole situation. It was stupid, childish and immature. I regret it more than anything I ever did," he added.

Jussipaliyeva, who was studying at Regent University in London, died in June 2017 after jumping 24 metres from her apartment. Her death came a week after Mr Bianchi sent the clip to her friend and threatened to send it and footage of her snorting cocaine to her Muslim family in Kazakhstan and Dubai.

'I Am Going to Keep Destroying You'

The explicit video, which showed Jussipaliyeva performing oral sex on Bianchi inside a telephone booth, was sent to Jussipaliyeva along with a message, "I am going to keep destroying you."

Jussipaliyeva's friend also received the porn clip from three other numbers, with one messaging "I will f-ck you up next, my love."

She immediately reported it to the police and told them, "I found it really insulting and humiliating. I think he's doing this for revenge because of the argument."

"I am still in shock and feel broken," she said, adding that she was scared mentally and physically over a threat to send the video to her family. She also insisted she did not know she was being filmed.

Damilya Jussipaliyeva and Alessio Bianchi
Damilya Jussipaliyeva and Alessio Bianchi. Facebook

Bianchi and Jussipaliyeva Fought the Night Before Her Death

Bianchi was given a 12-week suspended sentence in April 2018 after admitting to disclosing private sexual photos and films with intent to cause distress and one count of assault by beating.

The pair got into a relationship six months after they first met each other but he said they were free to have other sexual partners and he even slept with her best friend in London. Bianchi said they both used drugs including cocaine, cannabis and ketamine, as well as alcohol.

The couple had an argument at Bianchi's apartment after a night of drinking in June, before she pushed her out of his apartment and threw her into the water feature outside, leaving her distraught and humiliated.

She killed herself the next day, leaving a note behind that read, "Alessio I love you, sorry." Bianchi described Jussipaliyeva as a sweet girl with a similar personality and background to him, before adding, "It really hurts to see it ended in this way."