Who is Valerie Rosario? NY Woman Kidnaps, Tortures Instagram 'Lover' For $100,000 Ransom; Douses Naked Victim With Flammable Liquid

Valerie Rosario, a 21-year-old woman, allegedly kidnapped and tortured her date for more than 12 hours. Rosario is also accused of demanding a $100,000 ransom from the victim's brother for his release.

The incident took place in February this year after Rosario 'lured' the victim in a Bronx apartment.

 Valerie Rosario
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Victim Met Rosario on Instagram

Rosario, who stays in Manhattan's Lower East Side with her mother and brother, met the victim on Instagram. The Daily Mail reported that the victim, whose name was not revealed, would often show off wads of money on his social media page, as a result of which he was targeted by the accused.

Suggesting a hook-up, Rosaria invited the unsuspecting victim to a place located in Marble Hill, Bronx post midnight on February 7. After the victim turned up at the address, Rosario lured him inside the apartment.

The outlet reported that two armed men, who were waiting outside the apartment, followed the victim inside the apartment.

NBC News reported that once inside, the victim was assaulted with the pistol and asked to undress by the perpetrators. According to the complaint by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, after undressing and forcing the victim to sit in a bathtub, the kidnappers poured flammable liquid on him, burned him with a flame and repeatedly stabbed him with a knife.

Kidnappers Demanded Ransom on FaceTime

The complaint further stated that a FaceTime call was made to the victim's brother by the kidnappers at 2:40 p.m in which he saw three masked people standing around the victim.

"Give us $100,000 or we will kill him," one of the kidnappers said while cutting the victim, according to the complaint.

The victim was later shifted to a location in Queens. It was then a detective spotted a suspect carrying a knife in the van. He was identified as Javier Vargas, who was later charged with robbery, assault, kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment.

The Daily Mail reported that the victim, who was wrapped inside a blanket with tape over his mouth and nose, was rushed to the hospital.

Rosario and another suspect, identified as Michael Candelario, were arrested by the authorities on Wednesday. They have been charged with attempted murder, robbery, assault, kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment.