British man hospitalised after genital organ gets ripped off during intercourse with Thai prostitute

A British tourist ripped off his penis after having hard and ferocious sex with a Thai prostitute in Pattaya

A British man in his early thirties called up the ambulance service in Pattaya screaming for his life and when the paramedics arrived at his room in the most popular red light area of the city, found his bed covered in a pool of fresh blood and a Thai prostitute standing next to him. The panic-stricken man explained to the medical volunteers that he was having ferocious sex and his penis had ripped off.

The rescue volunteers gave him first aid and when they brought the stretcher to take him to the hospital, he refused to go outside as he was embarrassed by the injury. The staff had to talk him out of the situation and hurriedly brought him to the hospital for treatment.

Man's genital organ got ripped off

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After initial analysis by the doctors, the report was out that the man had sex so hard and fast, that his 'frenulum of prepuce' - a small piece of skin that connects the foreskin to the penis - had ripped off completely causing bleeding and pain.

One of the volunteers who entered the room said his team first thought they had arrived at a crime scene because the man was screaming so loudly and there was a large pool of blood all over the room.

''I picked up the phone and heard he was screaming so loudly. I only understood that he wanted us to go there as soon as we could. When I entered the room and saw the bedsheet I first thought there had been a stabbing.''

The volunteer further commented that his team had a sigh of relief after they realised that it wasn't a murder scene but a need for urgent medical help, ''It was a big relief when we realised what had actually happened. He explained it was because he was having sex too hard with his escort for the evening. He was in a lot of pain but we thought it was very funny,'' Khun Tumrin summed it up to the DailyMail.