Weird tweet from 2012 predicted Kobe Bryant would die in a helicopter crash

A weird tweet sent out in 2012 predicted that Kobe Bryant would die in a helicopter crash and the spooky tweet has now resurfaced

As weird and spooky as it might sound, a Twitter account with the name '.Noso@dotNoso' put out a tweet dating November 14, 2012, and predicted that Kobe Bryant will die in a helicopter crash. The tweet has now resurfaced again and people are literally panicking about the accuracy of the tweet that was posted eight years ago.

The chilling tweet had just one single line that read, ''Kobe is going to end up dying in a helicopter crash.''

Scary but true, isn't it? The NBA star lost his life along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, as their helicopter crashed and the tweet had predicted this would happen eight years ago. Also, the person behind the tweet has not deleted it and has attracted thousands of comments. The latest tweet from the account read, ''Woke up. Eyes swollen. I can't see anything but Kobe's memories and daughter.''

Was the tweet really a prediction of Kobe Bryant's death?

Kobe Bryant
Instagram grab/ Kobe Bryant Universe

While the weird tweet is now gaining all the attention, several users pointed out that the user uses 'Carbon v2.5' to send out tweets. For the uninitiated, Carbon v2.5 is an app which hackers use as it can modify tweets, dates and many more. Twitter has tried to crack down on the illegal app but hackers have surpassed their scrutiny and are able to change dates without the social media giant getting a hint of their activity.

A Twitter user replied to the helicopter crash prediction as, "This doesn't prove that it's fake. All of the tweets from this account around this date are sent from "Carbon v2.5". It has to be a Twitter bug or something,'' while another tweeted, "The date was edited by a 3rd party app, chill guys.''

"The original Carbon app launched in 2011 (see their old username @CarbonAndroid). It did exist when this was posted," added another user. Many Twitter users demanded the person behind the tweet to take it down, but the account seems to not care about all the comments and is enjoying and thriving looking at how the comments have swelled.