Brianna Coppage: Missouri Teacher Placed on Leave after School Discovered Her OnlyFans Account Resigns to Focus Full Time on Porn

Through her OnlyFans account, she was earning between $8,000 and $10,000 per month, a figure that has now doubled at least, following the news of her suspension.

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A Missouri teacher who was placed on leave last week after she was found running an OnlyFans account with her husband has reportedly resigned from her job to focus only on her pornography career. Brianna Coppage, a 28-year-old English instructor from Missouri, made the revelation during an interview on Thursday.

This comes eight days after Coppage was suspended from her job, which pays $42,000 a year, following a complaint from someone who came across her OnlyFans page promoting her nudes. After the school administrators discovered her dual life, they swiftly held a private interrogation with her before having Coppage's access to her school accounts at St. Clair High immediately revoked.

All Focus on Porn Career

Brianna Coppage
Brianna Coppage X

The internal investigation by St. Clair School District is ongoing. However, Coppage, who uses the alias Brooklin Love on the site, shared with The Messenger that she had voluntarily left her position before the investigation concluded.

Previously placed on leave, the educator, who had gained a significant following due to the publicity surrounding her story, clarified that she chose to resign in order to prevent further public outcry.

Brianna Coppage
Brianna Coppage X

She expressed a desire to focus more on her financially rewarding erotic exploits within the adult entertainment industry.

"I don't want to fight the school district. I'm just ready for peace," Brianna Coppage, 28, told the Messenger of her resignation.

"I knew that nothing was ever going to be the same if I went back so that was just the best option."

"I don't want the school to continue getting hate," she told the news outlet of her decision to step down. "I would like the education of students to be able to return to normal, they deserve to have a great year."

Coppage mentioned that she started her adult content account over the summer to supplement her modest educator's salary, which was recorded at $42,000 last year in public records.

Brianna Coppage
Brianna Coppage X

Through her OnlyFans account, she was earning between $8,000 and $10,000 per month, a figure that has now doubled at least, following the news of her suspension.

Moreover, Coppage revealed to The Messenger that she has suspicions regarding the person who reported her secret online activities.

Exploring Her Erotic Side

Suspended just a few weeks after the start of the school year, Coppage expressed her belief that the complaint was lodged following a collaboration she and her husband had with another couple on OnlyFans. The couple frequently created videos together, and this particular collaboration garnered more attention due to the larger following of the other couple involved.

Brianna Coppage
Brianna Coppage X

Despite the amendment to her bio in the past week, which now boldly proclaims, "Yes... I'm THAT teacher," Coppage still harbors doubts about the identity of the person who initially tipped off school officials about her online activities.

Instead of suspecting one of her students, Coppage indicated that she believed the informant was an adult residing in the town of approximately 4,700 residents.

"Never do I think that students or children should have been exposed to this and I truly believe had an adult not found it, and I was told that an adult is who reported it, students never would have known," she told the outlet.

Regardless of how the revelation occurred, Coppage was exposed and became the focal point of innumerable news articles that publicly identified and criticized both her and the school district.

During her conversation with The Messenger, she stated that this was the tipping point for her, solidifying her decision to fully transition into a career in adult entertainment.

Moreover, she mentioned that her income has significantly surged since her exposure, attributable to the addition of several thousand new subscribers to her adult content platforms.

"I've gotten a lot of support on the site,' she said, without mentioning the free publicity. 'That's definitely encouraging."

Brianna Coppage
Brianna Coppage with her husband X

Coppage became emotional as she described how she would miss working with students. "It's been a journey for sure, the last couple of days have definitely been a roller coaster," she told the outlet. "It turned our life upside down."

The incident involving Coppage is not an isolated case in the state, as there have been other instances of individuals leading a double life as honest workers while also being creators on OnlyFans.

Just recently, a female police officer was exposed as an OnlyFans model after reportedly stopping one of her subscribers.