Brian Laundrie's Neighbors Make $3,500 a Week From Gabby Petito Homicide Case; Know How

While the search for the murderer of Gabby Petito is on, Brian Laundrie's neighbors, in the meantime have massively benefitted by this tragic homicide at Long island. According to TMZ reports, the neighbors of Laundrie are charging media outlets a whopping $3,500 per week to camp outside their homes.

CBS News, Fox News and ABC News are among a few that have already paid the lump sum. The media have been continuously covering the key aspects in the case and have unveiled many facts that play an important role in the case.

Meanwhile, Laundrie has gone missing after returning home without his fiancee since mid-September. Since then Laundrie's parents have been tight-lipped about the case. While Laundrie has not been charged in the death of Petito, he still faces charges for using two financial accounts that didn't belong to him.

Reports claim that Laundrie might be suicidal but Dog the Bounty Hunter Duane Chapman believes that the person of interest in Petito's murder case might be hiding in the Florida Everglades.

Brian Laundrie
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Gabby Petito homicide: Cops discover fresh remains of the campsite at Carlton Reserve

After finding the body of Petito, authorities have been looking for her missing boyfriend Laundrie in hopes of solving the mystery of her homicide. And the latest reports suggest that new remnants of the campsite the couple had visited at Carlton Reserve have been found as officials continue to search for missing Laundrie.

Brian Laundrie's father to join the team of investigators?

Moreover, Laundrie family attorney Steven Bertolino has revealed that Laundrie's father Christopher will be joining North Port Police as they continue to search for his son where he had gone hiking on September 13.

"The North Port police informed me that they were focusing on certain areas of the preserve today and they were actually hoping that Mr Laundrie could join them on that search," Bertolino said. "Mr Laundrie has consented and we are waiting for the call from the North Port Police Department to make that happen."

Meanwhile, authorities have closed the street near Laundrie's residence in an attempt to reduce the media presence. However, having bought space to camp in the yards from Laundrie's neighbors, does let camera crews get around these restrictions.