McDonald's 'Karen' With Diabetes Throws Tantrum Over Coffee Being Late in Viral Video

A TikTok video showing a 'Karen' throwing tantrums on staffers at a McDonald's store has gone viral on the internet lately. The footage shows a woman acting out and trashing a fast food joint for allegedly not delivering her order on time. In the viral TikTok video posted last month, the 'Karen' can be seen dropping trays and table markers to the ground at the Arkansas McDonald's restaurant while she was waiting for her food.

Moreover, after her aggressive behaviour towards the staff at the store, she justified her actions by saying that she has diabetes and that her blood sugar level is low. The video published by a TikToker by the id @still.bad.decisions has taken the internet by storm. The user also mentioned that the 'Karen' in the video was waiting for a cup of coffee, which was supposedly taking too much time.

The TikTok user was also present at the spot and helped the employees at the restaurant pick up the stuff the woman knocked over. The video of the 'Karen' has since then gone viral on several social media platforms. Taking to the video post on YouTube, one of the views commented, "Sad that 5, 6, 7-year-olds handle situations better than she is."

McDonald's Karen
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Another user said, "There should be a special island set aside for people like this, that is full of other Karens and no managers," while a third commented, "Any time someone starts this. Everyone stand up start walking towards the person and start the shame, shame, shame. This will cure this."

Well, this woman isn't the only 'Karen' living on Earth, there are several cases of Karen that has flooded social media in recent months. In another incident, a woman allegedly berated a TikToker over her sports bra at a park.

In the video posted by Getti or @gettishow on TikTok, the woman can be seen yelling at the TikToker, who is hanging on a set of monkey bars while using a hula hoop. Since the woman was hanging upside-down, part of her sports bra was revealed from underneath the crop top leaving this Karen fuming.

"Everybody around here can see this, you're half-naked," the Karen can be heard shouting in the viral video. However, the person capturing the incident in his camera said Getti is a regular in the park to exercise, and it's a normal thing for them.