Rachael Rollins: Video Shows Biden's Newly Appointed Black Attorney Launching Expletive-Ridden Tirade [WATCH]

The video shows Rollins threatening legal action against a team of journalists who were covering a separate incident wherein they wanted to interview her.

A video has resurfaced that shows a US attorney appointed by Joe Biden angrily confronting journalists and hurling abuses at them in front of her house earlier this year. Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins, who was chosen by Biden to head the US Attorney's Office in Massachusetts in July, can be seen in the video engaged in an expletive-ridden tirade after they try to talk to her.

The video shows Rollins threatening legal action against a team of journalists who were covering a separate incident. Interestingly, the video resurfaced just a day after she made history as the first black woman to be confirmed as head the US Attorney's Office by the Senate, when Vice President Kamala Harris broke a 50-50 tie along party lines.

Unnecessarily Livid

The video which was recorded by Boston 25 News in January this year, shows Rollins getting down from her car and furiously charging at journalists stationed near her home. She can be heard threatening the news team with legal action. She even accuses them of endangering her children for asking for an interview near her home.

The outlet's in its report that that time said that the news team was investigating an incident in which Rollins had another angry confrontation, this time with a local woman at a shopping center.

"Get off our private property, and I swear to God, I'm dead serious. I will find your name," she can be heard saying. Before that the video begins with Rollins trying to draw attention of the team of journalists by saying: "My kids are inside."

Rachael Rollins charging at reporter
Rachael Rollins seen charging at the reporter in the videoclip Twitter

She then gets furious when they ask for her interview. Instead she asks them how they they manage to locate her home.

One of the woman journalists can be heard saying that it is just a matter of public record. This makes Rollins even more furious and then tries to turn it into a racial attack. "That's unbelievable," she says, adding. "So as a Black woman, in this moment in this country, you're going to put my f**king house on screen?"

Rollins then again appears to reference the reporter in question's race, asking: "So the rantings of a white woman get you here and scare my children?"

Rachael Rollins furious

The reporter, visibly confused, tries to pacify her by telling her that they never knocked her door or disturbed her children but were only stationed there to ask her a few questions when she arrived home.

"Get away from my family. Speak to me at my job. If I get hurt or harmed because of this, you are on the record for that, or my kids are f**king killed," Rollins can be hear yelling. "Who do you think you are? This is private property. Get out of here."

She continues with her threat. "You know what I'll do? I'll call the police on you and make an allegation, and we'll see how that works for you."

Showing Her Aggression

Rachael Rollins
Rachael Rollins Twitter

The expletive-ridden tirade comes to an end after a police officer is seen intervening. The officer requests the crew to leave for the sake of the children inside the home. The video ends there with Rollins going back to her car instead of her home.

The video resurfaced on Thursday afternoon after Fox News aired it during its afternoon report. There has been no response from Rollins on the video which has gone viral now. Also, the White House hasn't commented anything yet on the video.

However, Boston 25 identified a woman who had a confrontation with Rollins shortly before this incident for which the news crew was there to interview the attorney. The woman identified as Katie Lawson, told the outlet that Rollins confronted her when she attempted to speed ahead of the attorney's car while both were leaving the parking lot of a shopping mall.

Rachael Rollins
Rachael Rollins Twitter

"She pulled her car about three inches from my car and said, 'Do you want me to write you a ticket? Because I'll write you a ticket,' put on the sirens, put on the strobe lights for like, probably a couple of seconds," Lawson said of Rollins, adding that she even said "Today is not the day to try me."

Lawson said of the incident that she initially felt Rollins was a cop. "I 1,000 percent thought that she was a police officer because the only person I know that can write you a ticket is an actual a police officer. So she implied, in my opinion, she implied that she was a police officer. I thought she was a police officer. That's why I called the police department."

The video resurfaced a day after Rollins became the first black woman to be confirmed as head the US Attorney's Office by the Senate. However, Biden's nomination of Rollins created controversy last week after Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee tried to delay her confirmation.