Brazilian Wife Chops Husband's Private Part For Sleeping with 15-year-Old Niece; Clicks Photo of Severed Organ Before Flushing It

In a shocking incident in Atibaia, near Sao Paulo, Brazil, a 34-year-old woman, chopped off her husband's penis for sleeping with her 15-year-old niece. The woman, who remains unidentified, discarded the severed genital in the toilet before approaching the local police authorities.

Atibaia, near Sao Paulo, Brazil
A 34-year old woman chopped off her husband’s penis for sleeping with her 15-year-old niece in Atibaia, near Sao Paulo, Brazil. Wikipedia

Woman Chopped Off Victim's Genitals with a Razor Blade

Daily Mail reported that, according to the local media, the woman revealed to the law enforcement officers that she initially enticed her husband into their shared bed through playful teasing.

However, her intentions took a horrifying turn as she proceeded to immobilize him by securing his arms and ankles to the bed. Subsequently, she employed a razor to amputate his genitals, as reported by the outlet.

Following this disturbing act, the woman admitted to taking a photograph of the severed organ before disposing of it by flushing it down the toilet on December 22. When she later turned herself in to the police, she explained that she chose this method because she had "heard that it was possible to reattach it."

After committing the act, the woman, accompanied by her brother, walked into the local police station, and admitted to the crime while stating, "Good evening, officer, I came to introduce myself because I just cut off my husband's penis."

The woman, who is presently in police custody, was arrested and faces charges of attempted murder.

Goes to Police to Admit the Crime

Despite the severity of the assault, the 39-year-old husband, whose identity remains undisclosed, was discovered alive and promptly transported to the hospital. However, details about his current health condition remain uncertain.

The investigation is ongoing, and authorities have refrained from commenting on the woman's assertion regarding her husband's alleged relationship with her underage niece.

New York Post reported that considering that the legal age of consent in Brazil is 14, the police are exploring whether any potential relationship between the husband and the niece was consensual.

The outlet further reported that earlier, a 28-year-old Indonesian woman had allegedly cut her boyfriend's penis off after he threatened to leak their sex tapes following her refusal to sleep with him.