Brazilian Mother Gouges Out Daughter's Eyes, Chews Tongue; Says Devil Lived Inside the Girl

Josimare Gomes de Silva said during interrogation that she used a pair of scissors to cut open the child's organs inside the family's bathroom before trying to swallow them.

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A woman in Brazil has been arrested for brutally killing her five-year-old daughter by gouging her eyeballs and then cutting her tongue and then allegedly trying to chew a piece of it. Police arrested Josimare Gomes de Silva from her home who during interrogation confessed that she killed her daughter Brenda de Silva because she believed the girl was possessed by evil spirit, according to a report in Brazilian media outlet Folha de Alagoas.

Police said the investigation is in the early stages, but they believe the woman is mentally unstable and had severe psychotic attack when she committed the crime. Gomes de Silva, 30, was later taken to hospital where she is being treated as prosecutors continue to investigate to determine the charges that can be slapped on her.

Who's the Devil?

Gomes de Silva was arrested from her home in northern Brazil in the municipality of Maravilha on Sunday after the girl's grandfather, Marinho da Silva, broke open the door of the bathroom and saw the horrifying scene, according to Newsflash. The grandfather became suspicious and started panicking after he noticed blood flowing from a drain outside the bathroom after de Silva locked herself up in the room with her daughter.

Police said Marinho called for help after witnessing the scene. When police arrived at the scene, they found Gomes de Silva praying, with a rosary placed next to her daughter's corpse. She was arrested and during investigation said that she reportedly used a pair of scissors to cut open the child's organs inside the family's bathroom before trying to swallow them.

Horrifying Act

Josimare Gomes de Silva
A sedated Josimare Gomes de Silva being arrested from her home Twitter

Gomes de Silva, according to reports, during investigations told police that her daughter was still alive and instead she had killed the demon that lived inside her daughter. However, in a derogatory statement she denied gouging out her daughter's eyes and trying to chew a part of her tongue.

Although the investigation is still on police believe Gomes de Silva is known to suffer from mental health issues including depression. They also believed she carried out the attack during a psychotic episode and didn't have any realization or remorse after the deadly attack.

She was initially being taken to police station and then to the prison but upon request by Maravilha district attorney Kleytione Pereira, Gomes de Silva, who remains in police custody, was taken to the Hospital of Custody and Psychiatric Treatment where she is undergoing psychological and psychiatric evaluation. She is presently under observation and charges will be slapped on her soon.