Brazilian Model Liziane Gutierrez Reveals She Was Sent a Chilling Death Letter Ordering Her to Leave Ukraine

Detailing the events of her previous evening the would-be killers threatened her that she would be burned alive.

A well-known model, influencer, social media star from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who went to Ukraine to help fight against the Russians was delivered a death threat to her hotel room in Kyiv.

Brazilian model Liziane Gutierrez received the letter last month which detailed her location, her attire and her company of the previous night. The would-be killers threatened her to leave Ukraine or else she would be burned alive.

While Gutierrez was not disconcerted with the threat instead she was terrified that it described her entire evening as it was.

"The problem with this letter was they had what I was dressed in, where we were and who I was with, I started to panic, I started to freak out, because they had they had facts," she said, Daily Star reported.

Liziane Gutierrez

In a post on Instagram she revealed that the bone-chilling letter included the name of the model's date for the evening, an influential ex-boxing champ who was a Ukrainian. Along with this mentioning the venue, Premier Palace at Kyiv, it said that she looked "beautiful at dinner."

The message went on to order her to "get the f*** out" adding a warning that they knew where her family lives.

The social media star with millions of followers on Instagram revealed that she was shocked mainly because whenever she went on dates with the former boxer, whom she met through a mutual friend, it was always under heavy discretion.

"Every single time, he was very, very discreet, I was going in one car, he was going in a different car. It was always restaurants that had almost nobody. It was nice places, for sure," she explained.

Liziane Gutierrez
Gutierrez volunteering in Ukraine Twitter

With no pictures taken, no posts made on any social media platform, Gutierrez said that their date were always arranged by an intermediary and the pair always chose to sit at the back of the restaurant.

She recalled that at the night of their date at the Premier Palace she noticed two men standing in the street outside the hotel and pointing up at her room's window. It was the next morning that the threat was delivered to her room through the hotel reception.

The influencer immediately reached out to the intermediary who were then send to collect the letter.

Advised to maintain a very low profile, Gutierrez eventually decided to leave after hiding out in the hotel and then discreetly travelling to Rivne city in western Ukraine with the former boxer.

Liziane Gutierrez
The picture she was threatened with recently Twitter

"I stayed in the hotel for a few more days. They told me not to post anything on social media, to be very low profile. I went to Rivne with some of his friends for a few days," she said.

With hopes to return back to Ukraine, the model says that she still does not know who had sent the fateful letter.

This was not the first threat Gutierrez has received ever since she arrived in Ukraine to volunteer as an aid worker in mid-March. The last one was when she posted a picture on her Instagram standing on top of a Russian tank near Bucha, early June.