'Bored' Al Pacino Caught Napping During Golden Globes 2021? Twitter Responds With Memes

The Golden Globes 2021 appeared to have bored The Godfather actor Al Pacino, who was caught napping during the virtual ceremony. The 80-year-old actor was nominated for Best Actor, Television Series Drama, for his role on Amazon's Hunters.

The 78th Golden Globe Awards, which finally saw the light of the day after being delayed owing to the ongoing pandemic, was hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The bicoastal virtual ceremony was hosted from two spots with Fey hosting it from the Rainbow Room in New York City and Poehler presenting it from The Beverly Hilton in California, the traditional venue for the ceremony.

Al Pacino
Al Pacino during The Golden Globes 2021. Twitter

Did Al Pacino Really Nod Off Mid-Ceremony?

It was during the ceremony that the camera panned on the virtual screen featuring Al Pacino. In the incident, just before Josh O'Connor won the prize for Best Actor in a drama for his role in Netflix's The Crown, the camera panned on all the five nominees on the separate screens including Al Pacino.

The Scarface actor's eyes appeared to be closed as he looked downwards. As if jolted by someone behind the screen, Al Pacino suddenly looked front and center towards the screen.

Apart from his napping, Al Pacino's hair too received wide share of responses. Dressed in black suit, the actor's salt and pepper look won millions of hearts online. "Al Pacino's hair is the best head of hair in the Golden Globes. Love the color!!" tweeted a user as another added, "Also, I'm living for that Al Pacino hair right now."

Memes Flood on Social Media

The clip of Al Pacino apparently dozing off mid-ceremony went viral on social media with many users siding with the 80-year-old actor.

"Al Pacino sleeping at the #GoldenGlobes is the most I've ever related to a celebrity," wrote a user as another added," SAY HELLO TO MY PILLOW FRIEND!"- Al Pacino after getting caught sleeping on Zoom #GoldenGlobes."

"Josh O'Connor scratching his ass. Al Pacino sleeping. Stars, they really are just like us! #TheGoldenGlobes," read a tweet.

"Al Pacino's face is how we all feel about virtual everything. #GoldenGlobes," opined a user.

"Al Pacino is a national treasure and should be cherished and honored. He don't give a rat's ass about Zoom! He's been battling waves of intruders on sacred ground since I was a kid. Show some damn respect! #AlPacino," read another tweet.